OpenMoko FreeRunner UI – A closer look

OpenMoko FreeRunnerOpenMoko opened up sales of the FreeRunner – the open-source successor to the OpenMoko Neo1973 – last week, and we’d imagine there are a good number of you Linux-fans just itching to lay a finger on the feature-packed handset. Alas, you’ll have to wait it out until OpenMoko can deliver the package to you.

Fret not, dear amateur handset developer, we’ve got some UI sneak-peaks for you to dwell on until your FreeRunner comes a-knockin’ at your door. Ars Technica has managed to secure some screenshots of the FreeRunner’s GTK-based Linux stack (om2007.2) and they’re looking mighty fine. Apple’s Webkit powers the FreeRunner’s browser, and a terminal application gives the user root-access to a BusyBox shell.

Does it get any geekier better than this? Definitely not for the true Linux enthusiast.

[Via: ArsTechnica]

  • yochai

    one should mention that while yes, webkit is apple it is originally khtml — the kde/konquerer library, etc. Props should go where they deserve–but for Qt and GTK+ (relevant here) it would be nice to mention the history

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