Rogers offers new iPhone 3G data package in response to Apple sanctions

iPhone 3G rogersWell that sure didn’t take long. Shortly after massive consumer backlash led to Apple’s move to sanction Rogers for their ridiculous iPhone 3G data rates by siphoning off the carrier’s iPhone 3G stock to Europe, Rogers has responded with a more consumer-friendly iPhone 3G data offering.

Rogers, along with their sidekick network Fido, have announced today that they’ll be offering a 6GB iPhone 3G data plan for $30. The new data package is a limited time deal, apparently, only available through August 31.

Customers can add the $30 data package to any Rogers voice plan, giving iPhone 3G users in Canada free-reign to pull down 35,952 web pages, 157,286 emails, or 6,292 minutes of YouTube videos every month. Of course, iPhone 3G hopefuls will have to sign a 3-year contract on that voice plan. Still, 6GB of data isn’t exactly the unlimited data offering that many Canadians were looking for.

Furthermore, new iPhone customers can choose from any of Rogers’ and Fido’s existing voice and smartphone plans, in addition to the iPhone 3G rate plans that were previously announced. Existing customers can choose to simply add-on an appropriate data plan to their existing voice plan, allowing for even greater flexibility in pricing and service.

And, in an obvious push to get on the Canadian consumers’ good-side, Rogers has announced that they will be kicking off early-morning launch-day festivities with free breakfasts and contests.

It took Apple to throw their mighty weight around to get Rogers to see things in a more consumer-friendly light. Will the new Rogers data package be enough to get you to buy an iPhone 3G from them?


  • KevinD

    Considering that many carriers consider “unlimited” data to actually mean 5GB, Rogers is not out of line.

  • Jay

    Honestly, this was enough for me to go from avoiding the iPhone altogether to being interested in it again. 6GB is not a small number, and is above what some cellular providers (hell, even internet service providers) claim to be ‘unlimited’.

  • buzzbishop

    the supply shift has been an unsubstantiated rumour that has never been proven.

    yes, there was consumer pressure, but the rest of it is hogwash.

  • Iphoner

    So thats great “6GB” of data for 30$ a month, however this does not answer all our questions, for example, hom much extra will it cost for visual voicemail? also will that include a text messaging plan? probably not that means it is not even close to the same deal as the USA is getting those together are probably going to be about 15$ minimum….so we are not there yet….but getting better!

  • Paul

    Well, I am not a fan of the Rogers monopoly one bit. I even found out today from a trusted Virgin Mobile rep (best phone plans on the planet BTW) that they were the #2 bidder for the iPhone.

    So, where is the incentive for me to buy iPhone over the latest hi-tech phone from Virgin – NONE! I’d love one, but only if I could run it on any network that I choose. Too bad that Apple chose the way of monopoly (something they had in the days of old) for their groundbreaking phone. Open it to the world – they would sell more if your could get one through all of the carriers – look at Motorola, Samsung and the likes…

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