Fix your iPhone 3G GPS problems – 3G network issues with iPhone GPS

iPhone 3G GPSThe new GPS hardware in the iPhone 3G seems to be having some trouble when not connected to the AT&T 3G network. iPhone Atlas reports that some users are complaining of inaccurate GPS positioning when the 3G data setting (Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G) option is switched to “ON.”

The iPhone 3G uses aGPS (assisted GPS), which means that the cellular network aids in positioning the handset, giving the GPS hardware less number-crunching to deal with. That means you get super-fast GPS lock-on times. But, it seems that some iPhones are getting conflicting data from the 3G data network and their built-in GPS receivers, leading to incorrect GPS positioning.

So, for those of you with wonky GPS positioning on the iPhone 3G, try this fix:

  • Navigate to Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G and toggle to “OFF”
  • Locate yourself using the iPhone 3G’s GPS receiver
  • Navigate to Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G and toggle to “ON”

You should now have accurate GPS positioning information. Leave a comment if this worked or didn’t work for you.

[Via: iPhoneAtlas]

  • oliver ward

    what about if the gps cant find you regardless of what kind of signal your using? and regardless of signal strength?

  • Will Park

    I would suggest restarting your iPhone.

    Even indoors you should get reasonably accurate position-lock through cell-tower triangulation.

    If you’re underground or in a reinforced concrete building with absolutely no signal strength, then you’ll be out of luck for any location information. Otherwise, you should be getting some sort of positional data.

  • Oliver

    Did all that. Resetting network settings allows me to find my position twice then back to nowheresville. Have even stood in an open area outdoors and nada.
    Think i’ll just wait for the inevitable software update from apple.

  • Vic

    Afraid this won’t solve the problem I’m experiencing…
    For the last two nights, my daughter and I (and at least two Apple employees @ the Washington Square Apple Store in Tigard, OR) have experienced a weird issue with our iPhone 3G’s. About the same time (som time around 5:00 pm and lasting from 1 1/2 to 3 hrs, our iPhones THINK they are in Houston, TX – although the four of us live in the Portland / Vancouver Metro area. All four of us (individually and seperately) experienced the SAME issue. No matter what Location Aware App you Open, it presents you with information for Houston; current traffic, Resturants, Coffee, anything. The ‘Where’, ‘Yelp!’, ‘Maps’, all of them. I’ve called Apple SEVERAL times, have tried ALL their suggested ‘fixes’ to no avail. Then suddenly, as invisibly as it started, my local area information is back.

    I have as I said, called Apple SEVERAL times, have reported this to them via their ‘Feedback’ page on the web, have replied to their questionaire regarding me feelings about my call to their Tech Support, etc etc etc. THEY’RE not listening – at least in the first tier Support you normally get hold of in these situations. It’s REALLY frusterating when you need to get somewhere and need iPhones assistance to locate an address, phone number, map, or whatever and your iPhones off ‘playing’ in some other geographic location thousands of miles away from where YOU are.

    Thanks… ( is there anybody out there?! Hello? H-e-l-l-o ? ? )

    • Ray

      It's all in the name of good business. All these issues that are arising with the Iphone's are to frustrate the loyal iphone user's to buy the newer iphone 4. Sick!

  • Will Park

    Vic, that’s unfortunate. But, the WiFi hotspot location could be an issue. Are you in the same location at 5pm? If so, you could be locking on to the same WiFi hotspot with an incorrect location-tag in Skyhook’s database.

    Otherwise, I’d call Apple support and demand to be elevated to the next level or speak to a supervisor.

  • Jeff

    I also live in Portland OR. (Houston TX) It is pretty consistent at my house in NE Portland for the gps to show me in SE Houston. At my house I’ve only been able to be correctly located once, for whatever reason. This is consistent both inside my house, in the backyard and the front yard. Pretty lame.

  • sara

    it worked like a charm! i just got my 3G iphone today (KC country club plaza store) and was having difficulty getting the GPS to work at all. it worked the first time i used it, kinda. it got me within a 20 block radius, not exactly helpful. good thing i can’t get lost in my office. 🙂 when i got home i tried it again, and it wouldn’t work at all. i tried the trick and it’s perfect now! great tip, thanks!!!

  • Jennifer

    When in Oregon City, Or, the phone was locating me in Texas. Last week, I went to West Linn and it gave an accurate position. This past weekend we drove up into Eastern Washington and everywhere we went, it was accurate (Spokane, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Yakima, Vancouver, etc). I am back in Oregon City and it tells me I’m in Austin, TX. This happens in other places in Oregon City, not just at my house.

    However, when I turn off the 3g network and wi-fi, it places me correctly at my house. I can then turn wifi back on and it still is correct. Turning 3g on places me back in Texas. The 3g network wasn’t available in many of the smaller towns we drove through so maybe it is something to do with the 3g network?

  • mike carmichael

    Do not do this. Phone was working fine, now when I enable 3G it says…No Service. I have to disable 3G now to get the phone to work at all. How do I reverse this?

  • pile

    I too live in the portland/vancouver area. My iphone says that I am in Texas everytime I am connected to the 3g network. I turn off 3g, in vancouver. turn on 3g, in texas. rather dissappointing.

  • Theresa

    > some trouble when not connected to the
    > AT&T 3G network

    I thought the problem happened when we *WERE* connected
    to 3G.

  • Ren

    I bought it today and GPS worked well but when I got home and tried to locate my position, its showing different location like 60 miles from where I’m at. Called Apple and spoke to them for like 1hr and then finally works. Hang-up, took a break and happened again..But the trick to turn-off the 3g worked for me…I wonder when Apple will release the update for the this 3G phone..

  • fernando

    crazy I’m in west Houston and it keeps telling me I am in Portland

  • fernando

    It also only happens when I’m at home

  • Jamie

    I have a similar problem.

    WIth 3G on, using the GPS from my home, I am placed on the Washington DC/Maryland border somewhere. Without 3G on, it locates me perfectly at my home in Boston.

    However, this problem only occurs when I am in my apartment, thus in the vicinity of MANY different Wifi signals. So far, I’ve decided the amount of interference in must be the cause. Sometimes, with the 3G on, if I move to the far side of my apartment, facing the city, and near a window, the 3G GPS is again correct.

    **Also, the Wifi on my phone has always been off.

  • kk

    Hey man, it works in my case, i was stuck showing some stupid location after this fix it worked…
    apple is cheating so many of us giving gps but it is not really gps..all traps..

  • Jarmo Toivanen

    Thanks, We are travelling now in Denmark and both our iPhones did not find gps position at all, even it worked fine at home in Finland,
    After using this fix (3G off ) map find our position correctly.
    This is serious bug, as you probably neet your maps and gps aboard.

  • bill

    I too live in Portland and sometimes it says I’m in Houston, sometimes in Portland. It knows me at home, but elsewhere in town I’m suddenly in Houston. My friend has the same problem too.

  • Crake

    My GPS seems to be locating me but it’s so inaccurate I’m not sure it is using GPS at all. I work in Leeds UK, and the map tells me I’m in Leeds, if I was visiting how is this useful for getting me to my destination. The circle around my location stays large however long I leave it.

    I know GPS isn’t hugely accurate especially in a small device but it could at least tell me the street I’m on rather than the city I’m in.

  • Justin

    I got my 3G iPhone about three days ago and I’ve tried the GPS several times. So far, about 70% of the time the phone locates me at Myrtle Beach even though I live in WV. I have found this trick to work but it is very frustrating and I hope they push out an update to fix this soon.

  • Chad

    Worked for me. It for some reason was way off when I turned it on at first and this seemed to reset it.



  • Joshua

    I live in Portland Or and I am getting this Houston location problem too. It is kind of frustrating that this issue was not corrected in the latest update. I also find it very frustrating that Apple has not clearly addressed this bug on the web site since so many seem to be having it. I have 30 days….might just take it back.

  • Andrew

    I live in Santa Barbara, CA and my iPhone says I’m in Syracuse, NY. If I turn off the 3G, my phone finds my location without a problems but normally when I switch back to 3G “my location” changes back to Syracuse. I called Apple and was told that this is because the phone is getting conflicting data from its three sources (wifi, GPS, and 3G) and that when AT&T fixes their problems with 3G the GPS location function will work correctly.

  • Steve

    My GPS stopped working completely. It was fine out of the store (well lame, but working) and long story short, I ended up having to restore it. Now no combination of sitting in a field in the sun (plenty of satillite access), towers, or 3G on/off, bluetooth on/off, location services on/off, or anything else I can think of works.

    This is my first apple product and I hate to say that this 3G has had more quirks than I expected for an expensive device… Oh well, I’ll keep digging and post if I find anything new…

  • Marcus

    I am having the same problem with the 3G iPhone.

    And I’m also having the same wall of silence from Apple. I am frustrated by the fact that Apple relies on people like us having to trawl through the web to find solutions to these problem rather than them being proactive and posting anything useful at

    The person that I spoke with at support yesterday referred me to the skyhook website for support.

    Er, no. If the camshaft to my new BMW went, I would not expect BMW to ask me to get in contact with the manufacturer of the part.

    If Apple wants to continue pushing the iPhone and – more importantly – wants users to recommend it to other people, then it needs to grow up and take some ownership of material and serious defects in a product bearing the Apple name.

    Apple continues to rely the goodwill of its customers, something which is in very short supply in my neck of the woods right now.

    If this problem carries on, I’ll be handing my iPhone back to Apple and demanding a refund.

  • joe

    I live in Portland, and my iPhone always has me in Houston

  • Michael Clary

    I just moved from Louisville to Cincinnati.

    Get this… The Iphone still thinks I’m in Louisville at my old address when I’m on my wifi network at home, but is accurate when I’m on 3G.

    How’s that!??!

  • Bryan Gerrard

    Yeah that worked for me but that’s not exactly a “fix”. I don’t want to have to go through that every time. When I turn the 3G back on and check it it places me at the exact same intersection outside of Philadelphia somewhere…a place I’ve NEVER been

  • Markster

    Turning off 3G reliably allows my phone to do a cell tower fix pretty quick (

  • Eric

    I consider google maps as well uses known wifi hotspots to help locate phones.

  • Keith

    Thanks for the GPS work-around!

    I live in the US, but I’m currently traveling in Okinawa, Japan. I was wondering why I couldn’t get my GPS to work, even after rebooting my iPhone.

    After turning off 3G, it acquired my location within 3-4 minutes. I then turned 3G back on. It kept my location for the rest of the day. Though I had to do it again the next day (I might have rebooted the phone in between).

  • david

    same problem …here in Portland and it ALMOST always ‘finds’ me in Houston. All AT&T had me do was power cycle my phone…which of course worked while I was on the phone with them…now I’m back in Houston!

  • Dan

    I was in Portland last week and I too had the GPS tell me numerous times that I was in texas. Then I got back to Utah where I live and now my GPS won’t tell me where I am unless I turn off 3G and then it only tells me within a couple mile radius.

  • Carlos

    I live in México and my GPS is not workin with or without the 3G

  • Jeff

    I have also had the same problem. I purchased the phone at noon yesterday at the SLC, UT apple store and when I got back to work (In Salt Lake as well), it told me I am in Minneapolis. I took the phone back and they gave me another one. The “Genius” told me that replacing the phone might not fix the problem because he said he had 5 other customers with the same problem and some of them are on their 5th phone. It happened again on the new phone and went back this morning. The “Genius” told me this time that it is a “known issue” and that I should probably come back in a month or two to see if they have figured it out.

    Pretty lame.

  • Ted Byars

    Thanks for the post fixed my problem right away.

  • maddy

    Again with the Portland/ Houston issue. Anyone found a fix?

  • mark

    I was having the problem of my gps not locating my exact location. It would narrow down to the smaller circle, but never to the ball. Then I turned 3g and wifi off and it narrowed to the ball. Then I turned them both back on and it seems to be working now. Thanks!

  • eric

    My GPS will not lock on me regardless of settings. I can get the big cirle and then the little one but no little blue dot that follows me. I told apple and then they made me do some setting changes but to no resolution. They said they would speak to there engineers and get back to me in three days. Three days are up and now I’m getting a new iphone. If it doesn’t work I will be pissed. I have exchanged my girlfriends iphone 3g twice now because of no wifi and the home button being broken. not happy.

  • Michael B

    From the 3G tower I get while at work in the warehouse district of Minneapolis, MN, my phone shows me being near Philadelphia. Anyone else?

  • Jason Sjobeck

    I am in PDX today & my phone shows me in Houston. I hate Houston: it is a giant soul-dead parking lot. Why does my phone tell me I have 2987 miles to drive to make my appointment at 0900? I dont think I’ll make it in time.

    ATT, hello, stop spending all your time tapping all our calls & spend some time fixing your 3g network!

  • Archie

    Thanks so much – whoever found this fix!!! It kept pointing my location as Seattle, which i roughly 3600 miles from NYC where I actually am … so, um … finding the nearest Loews was a bit of a problem!!


    Thanks soooo much!!!! This worked perfectly

  • jackastronaut

    i live in southwest Portland and my phone says I’m in Austin, TX.
    I guess that’s better than Houston, right?

  • mike

    The fix worked for me. Have to give it a minute before it fixes itself.

  • dave

    My gps worked fine until this evening, when I found that I’m somewhere in North Carolina, 711 miles from where I actually am. I tried shutting of the 3G as suggested, and got the correct location. Turning it back on got me back in North Carolina. Rebooting with 3G off got me to within 2.8 miles, but not home. I’m trying to reboot a second time. Result: back to North Carolina, which I’ve never even visited, though I have nothing in principle against it. What gives?

  • Koorosh

    are GPS and maps working in Mexico city? (Mexico republic)

  • Pembrokers

    A lot of the problems described here could be because of Wi-fi and not because of 3g. The iPhone is using triangulation of cell towers and wi-fi to position you. If someone had wi-fi in Houston and then relocated to Portland, their wi-fi is still going to identify them as being in Houston and map you at that location. I’ve seen this happen frequently in vacation spots where people might be bringing along their routers. For example, when vacationing on block island, there was a router next door that was obviously brought to the island from Massachusetts, so the map would initially locate me there, but eventually resolve with cell tower triangulation & gps as being on block island.

    All that aside, 3G seems to impair the iPhone’s ability to lock in since the upgrade to 2.0.2. I have to turn it off to get a fix with Edge.

  • brandon w.

    I turned on GPS tracker (free app) on my way to work this morning. It took 14 minutes to locate me using the 60ft accuracy setting. By that time I was almost at work. I bought this phone so I could have a solid portable web appliance, and GPS unit. It fails on both accounts. Switching off 3G and wifi did not make GPS signal aquisition any better. I don’t recall having the problem when I bought the phone. My suspicion is that apple know of the problem but is keeping mum because it would involve a recall. The GPS chip is clearly flawed. If the problems are because of the various location data the phone gathers, then they should give the user the ability to select which sources the phone uses. I.e. Switch off wifi locating and cell tower locating and only use the GPS as the source of positional data.

    Apple’s reputation for quality niche products is definately tarnished with this product. And their lack of support and respect for their users is pathetic. One would think the level of similar complaints I have read here would be enough to garner their attention.

  • Kim E

    With 3g on, I my location is Minnesota. With 3g off, i am correctly located in Ogden, Utah. When I switch 3G on, back to Minnesota.

    At least this is a partial solution.


  • Jr.

    I also work in the warehouse district in Minneapolis and my iPhone tells me I am in Havertown PA. I guess I will be late for work…

  • colt

    thanks! worked like a charm

  • RonW

    Turning 3G off works for me, but I have to leave it off. If I disable it, it locates me correctly in southern Illinois. But with 3G on, it puts in Waukegan, IL, and 350 north of where I am.

    However, after driving for a mile or 2, it will again find me where I am even with 3G on.

    I have software 2.02 and a 16GB 3G iPhone.

  • Greg

    I live in Houston and the iPhone says I’m in Portland.

    What the eff?

  • peter

    we’ve got the same problem here in europe. I live in vienna and the marvelous ‘Locate Me’ Button doesn’t really work properly.

    With 3G on, this function doesn’t even work (the most time) -> well it’s pretty disappointing 🙁

    But the trick above didn’t really solve my problem -> without 3G I am located pretty well but it’s not as exact as it should be!

  • Sergio

    My Iphone doesnt locate me with 3G on. It keeps and keeps searching and never ends. When 3G off, it locates me but its not accurate. I made this test but it doesnt work at all. Iphones GPS suck!

  • luis

    same problem, bought two iPhones 3 g two days ago and it locates me
    In NJ and I live in Florida, tried this fix but did not work.
    The funny thing is the gps pinpoints me at my old house in Jersey City, NJ and I never put that address in the gps so I believe is taking the wrong location from my wifi at home.

  • Dorian S

    That’s funny…The GPS is crazy, specially with people who are living on Oregon or Portland, cuz I live in Austin, TX but the GPS near to my house show Oregon.

  • StuckInHoustonToo

    well all you Portland/Houston residents will be happy to know that clear across the country in Delaware we also get a gps reading of South Central Houston. It’s so annoying! The fix worked when I turned off 3g but as soon as I switched it back on, well right back to Houston. How can so many people have this problem and still it hasn’t been fixed?!?! I even submitted my wireless router info to skyhook about 2 months ago and I can see that was just a waste of time. I’m so sick of Houston!!

  • Shane G

    Sounds like its an issue with what the local cell tower s id’s vs the database it uses to lookup the location. Mine always takes a while to lock on. TOM TOM need to bring an app to the iphone that just uses the inbuild GPS. I wouldnt mind paying £50 for the tom tom application if it works as well as a standard £100 tom tom unit.

  • Scott

    I live in Japan. When I try to use GPS I get either “Your location could not be determined” or it has placed me in Tokyo a few times. No matter what configuration I use it no longer works for me. A month ago I was able to use the service without issue.

    In Japan, there is only 3G phone service as 2G does not exist here. So, when I turn off the 3G I don’t have phone service. And, the Wi-Fi connection and Location Services has never been a combination that has been successful for me.

  • Doran Doran

    I called iPhone tech department and he had me reboot my iPhone (hold the home button and on/off switch till I saw the little apple on the screen – IGNORE THE MESSAGE SLIDE TO .. . .) and then I could do GPS.

    After reboot I was seeing “3G” next to my signal strength bars. That did the magic. He said there are so many variables that can cause this.

  • Joey Michon

    Hey guys,
    I live in Houston, It may suck, but I am a driver and still need to know where I’m headed. I’m also having the same issue w/ GPS showing me in Portland. No help from apple, the various fixes found on the Internet help but getting frustrated with constantly having to go to settings to find my location.

    Maybe we can set up a website for people from Houston and Portland so they can meet and exchange IPhones!! 🙂

    Lost in Houston,

  • sendbad

    It also only happens when I’m at home

  • Hernan

    Worked for me. Thanks!!

  • m

    I live in scotland and apparently according to my gps maps thingi
    i am in dubai!!
    do we get a prize for the wierdest place your phone ends up 😛

    perhaps this is a good thing to stop people being tracked?
    or are they doing that deliberately??


  • Mike

    Both my iPhones suddenly started showing my location in California when I am on the East coast. This happens when using Google maps. When I try GPS Lite, it locates me accurately within 30-60 seconds.

    I realized that I bought a new Linksys wi-fi router. Maybe a brand new Linksys router is set to be in a california location. But I tried turning wi-fi off on my iPhone without any luck. Even with wi-fi off, it still shows me in California when on 3G. It only works when I turn 3G off and then it gets close enough (small blue circle) but not a blue dot. If I use GPS Lite though and then go to Google maps, it pinpoints my exact location with a blue dot.

    Either the Google maps application is ignoring the fact that wifi is turned off and still reading wifi network or the 3G triangluation in my area has gone bad (been working fine for past 6 months).

  • Frank

    Same problem in The Netherlands. I am in Amsterdam and the positioning is not getting to the gps blue dot on google maps anymore. It worked fine for nearly half a year and suddenly 4. Januray 2009 it stopped working. Now I never get closer to the right spot then some hundret meter. I also don’t get any gps log anymore in gps tools like MotionX GPS

  • Paul

    I have similar GPS-problems in Belgium. I don’t understand what actually Apple has done with this iPhone3g-GPS. As for me, this is NOT GPS at all ! True GPS relays on GPS-satellite data. This functions well (fast, accurate, charge-free …) for years on pretty cheep & smalldevices. Why the hell do they make something that depends on such inaccurate sources as Wifi-sources and cellular antennas !? This is not usefull at all !

  • V

    Ooh you just saved me 🙂 i thought my iPhone was broken because i dropped it, but it works like a charm, thx!!

  • Barteq

    I can’t get my exact position … maybe i will take my iPhone to the service ..???
    I tried alll, but it never shows my exact position. Just the circle where i can possibly be.

  • HyperX

    As a fix for the Portland Houston issue may I suggest the fix of moving to Houston 😛 (joking of course :D)

  • Theresa

    This worked for me. Thank you!

  • Gerardo M.

    This was quite effective! My GPS is now spot on. Thank you for posting an easy fix. This saved me a trip to the Apple Store.

  • WiLL

    hey all i’m Will from Orlando, just wanted to stop by and say awesome fix guys it worked for me thanks very much.

  • Khan

    man dis 3g iphone map is suck really!!! I live in North California and wen i try to locate my destination it shows i’m in Mars WTF is dat. Dis is totaly BS

  • looneytunes

    followed your instructions and it reset the gps
    thank you

  • P

    Just did this on my wifes iphone and it worked like a charm! Thanks!

  • Richard

    I have used the GPS on my IPhone 3g for a couple of mouths now with no problems really, here in England and in Holland. However today my friend just got hold of the new IPhone 3GS and his GPS was out by 2 miles I checked my Iphone and the same 2 miles out!!!! Crazy !!!

    The fix did work but once we turned the 3G back on the location was wrong again…. 2 miles out !!!!!

    This seem to me that it’s a 3g network problem not apple (maybe)

    What do you guys think???? Thanks for the fix ….

  • Nico

    Same problem in Germany. I thought my GPS chip is broken. I went to the Apple Store and they gave me another iPhone with 2.2.1. GPS worked fine on it (1 meter accuaracy). I went home and updated to 3.0 and what happens, right: no GPS (only net triangulation)

    The best thing of this bug is… xD yes I have got a new iPhone ^^

  • Deirdre

    I tried this:

    So, for those of you with wonky GPS positioning on the iPhone 3G, try this fix:

    * Navigate to Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G and toggle to “OFF”
    * Locate yourself using the iPhone 3G’s GPS receiver
    * Navigate to Settings>General>Network>Enable 3G and toggle to “ON”

    The result of switching off the Enable 3G was to put me 1 kilometer south of my current location. Since the 3.0 upgrade I’m usually .5Km south of my actual location.

    The GPS dot travels along roads accurately, it’s when we stop the dot moves off .5 km south of location.

  • Chris Anderson

    Worked for me! Thanks

  • montoto

    Mine was working fine until 3.0 upgrade.. then.. die!

  • michael

    I had a great experience with the iPhone 3g GPS, and began to have problems when I picked up the new iPhone. It would locate me in a general sense, but it was not GPS location. It was anywhere from 1/2 mile to 2 mile off. It was ALWAYS this inaccurate. I tried all the fixes and workarounds my research discovered (turn off 3G, change compass North from “true north” to “magnetic north”, use a third party GPS app like MotionX to get the phone to “turn on” the GPS receiver and then switch to the native maps application, reboot the phone, reset the phone, completely wipe the phone and start over). None worked alone or in combination. The folks at the apple store did the complete wipe and sent me on my way (to no avail). On my second trip to the store (yesterday), they handed me a new phone, and it works perfectly!
    One question I have is, how many of you with GPS problems use the Belkin car thing with FM transmitter? I saw one person with GPS issues that used one and I use one, too. I also noticed that at times (with the first iPhone 3gs I had, not the replacement), it had interference when using GPS while in the Belkin cradle.

  • patrick

    i also suddenly have a problem gettign acurate location on 3GS..was working fine and now my phone think im 60miles from home..but i fix it!

    1_turn the 3G network and wifii OFF

    2_EDGE will go ON and locate yourself.

    3_I have been to also to make sure that the service see me..i does (wastn before)

    4_Then i turn back ON the 3G network, use the compas, and go back to locate work. Back to mobiel work.

    Now all is fine!

  • Bill

    I live in Texas and it didn’t work for me. This 3GS has been the biggest disappointment I’ve had in a cell phone in a long time. I traded from a Blackberry and feel that I’ve taken a giant step backward. No decent GPS and no MMS. My wife’s 5 year old, worn out Nokia can do MMS.

  • peanstein

    The GPS on my 3G version 3.0.1 is off too by about 1/4 mile only when i use tmobiles APN. If i remove the APN and leave it blank and use only the WIFI it corrects my location like it should.
    Anyone else experiencing this on tmobile?

  • Niklas

    I’m from Sweden and I have the problem with the GPS placing me 5 blocks from my accual position when I am connected to a WiFi. When I turn the WiFi off i get my exact position, even if my 3G is on. So in my case WiFi is the problem.

  • tongad

    I notice that my GPS stops working if I have my WiFi setup. If I “Forget” the WiFi, the GPS works like normal again. Maybe you can try and see if this works for you.

  • Santiago

    I had the same issue with my Iphone 3G GPS (couple months of use). After lot of reading and thinking the worst, this worked for me, so you should give a try:

    1st: Turn Off and Turn on your Iphone

    2nd: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

    Note: This will reset all settings. No data or media will be deleted.

    Now GPS WORKS Again! 😛 – I think maybe it was an app that was causing this trouble.

  • Goran

    I have the same problems. I’m from Germany and desperately seeking a solution for this useless GPS. I don’t want to flash my device and re-install everything again, as proposed on some boards as my phone has jailbreak and unlock which I don’t want to re-install again.

    But with maps I get a good positioning nearly every time (3G and WiFi off). But when I start up my NAVIGON programm it will not find any sattelite connection. As if GPS was swiched off.

    I even re-installed NAVIGON today, but there is no improvement. No sat-fix. No guidance via NAVIGON.

    So where is the problem? With the iPhone? With Navigon? ….. Had no problems with the sat-nav on my old Nokia N95.

    Any solutions anyone?



  • Peter L

    Hate to say I’m running into this as well. I live in Belgium and never have any problems with the GPS at home. I’m now visiting the NY area and impossible for me to lock on. Tried some of the hints mentioned here, but nothing seems to resolve this problem.

  • jung

    it worked!!! thanks!!!

  • balutan

    Mine didn’t work. Sitting next to my friend with his 3G together with my 3GS. His blue dot move smoothly while mine shift every 0.25 mine or more. His continuous to work on our way to work (30min drive). Mine stop working every now and then. It basically jump all around different towers and back onto the road. I called AT&T to have the network permission reset as recommmanded by APPLE Genius Bar rep – Didn’t work. Visited APPLE store again and ask them to take a look at it. The rep keep telling me the GPS would not the exactly location. (Com’on what good a GPS does if it tells me I am in that 3 mile radius??) All he did was to do a restore (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME WAIT IN STORE FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES WHICH I COULD HAVE DONE ON MY OWN AT HOME)- restore seems works again (NOT SURPRISED)until I start putting songs not even a single APP into the iphone (NOT SURPRISED).

    Tell you friends who owns iPhone 3GS to test their GPS. I think this is a major issue that APPLE need to address. The more people we got on our side, the sooner they will have to come up with a solution.

    I am getting really fed up by it.

  • David

    That’s funny. I’m sitting in the Delta lounge at Narita airport in Japan and my iPhone keeps jumping back and forth from here to Newark airport. I’m wondering if the WiFi here is coming through a server in Newark? Seeing that it just took something over 11 hours to get here from LA, if only I could jump back and forth that fast.

  • Ari

    This seems to fix the problem but when I switch back to 3g it relocates me incorrectly

  • Tom

    Guys do a respring. I’m jailbroken and running sbsettings. Reboot didn’t work. Respring worked like a charm!

  • Derek Tomes

    THANKS! This fixed my problem. My GPS thought I was two houses further north that I was. It was consistently wrong all the time until I tried this fix, which worked! Thank You!

  • Edwin

    Is Work. THx. But after i change back to 3G not too accurate

  • Russ

    Apple say a faulty gps or bad signal on the original iPhone is a faulty chip inbottom of phone where lead connects. Mainly due to a chemical reactiondue to waterdamage. 140 poundtofix

  • Ashley

    That didn’t work for me. I am now 25 miles from where it showed originally.

  • CyberMonkey

    This solution did not work for me. Anybody have any other ideas?

  • Mike_05830940235918230652

    Both my iPhone 3G and my wife’s started showing is in Portland Maine in stead of southern MO. Started sometime on Wed. I never realized how much I use the location feature until now. We are nit in a 3G area but I tried the fix suggested above with no change.

    Any ideas?

  • Dom

    I’ve been trying to fix mine for 11 months and finally did it, by turning on Wifi (I usually have it turned off). Even not connected (I don’t use Wifi at home and all neighbours have their signals passworded) it still works. I remember the one time it worked for me in the first 11 months was when I was abroad, on a motorway /highway I noticed it was tracking my position dead accurate and moving in real time. I never figured out until now why it worked there and not at home. I was using Wifi in my friend’s house there, hence kept Wifi set to ‘on’.

    • Tonygdl

      Thanks Dom! This solved my problem too! I never thought it could be that easy, I turned the wifi on, and even though my phone is still working on 3g, it now shows my correct location. Anyway I think iphones suck, I mean it’s ridiculous that we have to be doing all these tricks only to get it to show a location.

  • Matic

    I tried several things to solve problem but i have to mention that this problems I have since I upagreded to 3.1.2.
    because my 3G has aGPS it google maps locate me only probably over the cellular mobile. Of course the location is not accurate at all. it shows the blue point somewhere near me, sometimes not even that and it don’t locate me exactly but it make a blue crisle with 1-2 km of radius.
    What did i try to solve problems but it didn’t work.
    a) to turn off 3G and locate myself
    b) to turn on Bluetooth when trying to be located
    c) delete cache for gps positons over terminal or over SSH
    any new ideas what to do?

  • Iphone3gs

    This worked great my iPhone was saying I was like a mile away from actual position and now it works fine thanx

  • olivier

    I’ve heard that the gps sattelite were not going to be replaced soon enough due to shuttles grounding in 2007… or was it in 2007?

  • jm

    The fix doesn’t work for me — with 3g on, I get one inaccurate location. If I turn it off, it indicates a different location (also wrong).

    I never had these problems until I upgraded my 3g iphone to the 3.0 software. Ever since then, I have had nothing but problems with this phone. Problems with the calendar, problems with gps, problems with dropped calls, problems with failed calls. The thing went from perfect to garbage with one software update.

    Some of the trouble could be related to ATT’s network. I think I’m going to move to Verizon’s Droid. New network, new phone.

  • Alex

    I have the same problem with GPS in Brazil, but when I turn on wifi and turn off 3G it works.

    Many Thanks.

  • mace420

    Just downloaded the new magellan roadmate 2010. GPS on Iphone 3g not working, will not lock on location. Tried seveal of the mentioned fixes and nothing works. I did work one time, but will not work again. Great 60.00 bucks out the window, because apple will not refund your money if the software does not work. HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Fabian Sim

    Didn’t work for me. My location is still wrong! Hate it when it happens!


    is there net connection requaerd for GPS signal?

  • Mansi

    My gps is not working in my i phone 3g ! the only time it worked it tells me that I’m in Paris :)! i wish if it’s true 😀 but i’m in Egypt ! i tried to turn off 3g and restart, but unfortunately it still not working!

  • DNZer

    Fantastico your a el macho wonderfullo!

  • DNZer

    Works great! Keep up the great work

  • Murray

    Great tip thanks – switching off 3G fixes the GPS location, and seems to be holding now 3G is back on. My 3GS was telling me I was in Kuaotunu – now believe me that is a long way from anywhere civilized, even by our standards down here at the bottom of the world…

  • Emre

    Thanks for your comments and useful tips. It seems that iPhone GPS is using network data in order to simulate your position in indoor mode. Apple explains that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS also use “wi-fi hotspots and cellular towers to get the most accurate location fast” when GPS is not the most convenient method of location detection.
    Outdoor mode should work fine for all cases in which you should see few satellites. So the real problem is that your network data is not accurate when using GPS in indoor mode. IMHO Apple should sign with all mobile operators to update the location data periodically and should fix these issues.

  • Emily

    I have a 3G phone that’s about a year and a half old; when I lived in Washington, DC, I had no problem with GPS. Now I’m in the UK on the O2 network and have tried locating myself 4 ways: 3G+wifi on, 3G+wifi off, 3G off+wifi on, 3G off+wifi off. The closest I get (about a block away, with a margin of error of about 500 m) is with wifi on, either with or without the 3G network on. I’m hoping the Apple store people can calibrate it for me.

  • barbie

    I have an iphone 3g running 3.1.4
    My phone is jailbroken and unlocked. The GPS worked fine for months, but just recently will not pinpoint my location or even will sometimes freeze. Ive recently added Trapster (WHICH I LOVE>>>>GET IT!!!) and Trapster is much more accurate on my location, however,cant obviously,give me directions when needed. They really should make an app that does both. Another recent app I’ve added is MyWi, which allows me to tether my internet service to my home computer. Another AWESOME app. Could these new apps be somehow conflicting w/ the iPhones GPS? I’ve got my service w/ TMOBILE, which is great! No dropped calls, cheaper plan, and great customer service!!! So…your 3G fix is pretty much obsolete to me. Any advice???? Or did I just drop my phone one too many times and F*%# something up????
    My advice to all of your Apple/ATT complaints…UNLOCK YOUR IPHONES people. I’d never be a slave to such a company. Especially after reading the complaints posted here.I bought my iPhone on Craigs List for $100. Have had it for a year, and if something f’s up I’ll toss it and get another b4 ever calling ATT!!!

  • Peter

    This was just the answer fixed my problem straight away. My iphone and I now know exactly where are. Thanks.

  • Colin

    Worked perfectly for me, great tip. Now to get the golfing GPS App!

  • opconxps

    I have a 3gs and my gps on both settings were about 1/4 mile off but showing different locations.

  • EcliTech

    Thanks, now my Iphone 3Gs is working fine !!!

  • Jorge Arzate

    This Help really works.

    Easy and simple, just follow the 3 steps and ready.


  • Costas

    Hi all,
    I live in Greece and since i get the iphone i have problem with GPS.Two other iphone's that my two freints get the same day are fine.I sent the phone 6 time back to service and i try to tell them the problem, anyway they had to believe it and they change me the iphone twice with a new one.Still the same problem.I dont have signal except some times when i play and trying to find out WTF is wrong.I did all tricks and even get the GPSserial (yes it is JB but same problem eithout do JB it and with a gps program i buy) and pick the iPhone GPS from list (once work for a day and a half).
    I am thinking if the SIM card id old or not right set up by company.So, i willing try an other provider and even a updated SIM card.

    Thats all. So, iPhone GPS sucks for sure.ANS i am pretty SURE Apple knows about it, but dont give a s…

  • Costas

    Hey can any one tell me an e-mail to sent to Apple?I can find only phone numbers, and is not posible to call and talk about solutions in a different language 😛 ( i am from Greece)

  • Krolabm

    Just happend to have this problem and the solution worked perfectly i was about to go insane… thanks

  • dean

    My 3Gs was updated to IOS4 and now the GPS is wonky. This fix works until the 3g netwrok is re-established.

  • Abdul

    I live in Pakistan and my city name rabwah but my phone show me dubhai

  • Matt

    I thought I lived in Connecticut but my iPhone 4 insists I'm in Norrbysjon, Sweden. Both my phone and my wife's new iPhone 4 show the same locale.

  • JoJo

    I'm having the same problem in canada positioning is always off and does not move with you as your traveling tried a software restore tried 3G off ON all doesn't work annyone have the real fix yet. Yes this is really disapointing from Mac

  • mike

    This worked perfectly for me! Thanks

  • fred

    Didn't work for me. My GPS is off by a mile or more.

  • moris j

    Never had a problem with my Nokia E71 phone!!! GPS and maps are working great wherever I am ^_^

  • Lizard

    Worked for me!! Thanks!!!

  • mgw

    I just used the fix and it worked fine.

  • George

    This is for laughs.. Unbelievable that Apple has not taken all these problems seriously and get them fixed. I have 2 iPhones, one 3G 16Gb and one 3GS 16 Gb. the 3G used to work ok with wifi and GPS (Navigon). Used it in London England, Athens Greece, and a few other EU countries and always located me correctly until update 3.13 . Thats when it got messed up. No matter what I tried, including going back to 3.12 version, nothing. It never came back. Now, I even have problems with the wifi. Very low signal.. while the brand new 3GS works perfect with software ver 4.01. I tried everything, excdept the freezer solution (which of course makes technical sense), but even though I understand technology pretty good, I am hesitant to try the freezer trick. I hope Apple will come up with some kind of a solution because this should be embarrassing to them. Such an expensive phone with wifi and GPS problems.

    Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting…

  • still didnt work for me
    my foursquare cant locate me still
    btw what dyou mean
    ocate yourself using the iPhone 3G’s GPS receiver

  • Renata

    Thank you so much for this help. My iphone MAPS is back to life!!!!!!
    I had tried re-installing my iphone software and didn’t know what else to do!

    Thanks! It took my 10 seconds to fix this problem!

  • Obededom


  • It works for me in Googlemaps…. and in Navigon

  • Bobsyeruncle

    Useless. What a tard

  • AK

    Thank you, it works!

  • I can’t get mine to work I tried everything. So I did this and now I get a really accurate GPS fix on my iPhone 🙂

  • ScaBa

    Yes, It worked. Thank you so much!!!

  • Steve

    Apple must really hate their customers. Still no fix for the GPS or the effed upp WiFi. I would never by an iphone again after all the troubles I’ve had. Burn in Hell Apple.

  • Those idiots (like me) who decided to jailbreak to baseband 06.15.00 on their iPhone 3GS are having issues. It has crippled our GPS. Simply does not work.

    So for the benefit of others including 3G users who are having issues they cannot fix, check your baseband version in settings and exhaust all the suggested fixes before trying these: I have recently heard that the tom tom cradle** sometimes allows for a gps fix when using location apps. I use the external bluetooth GPS logger (Holux 1200E) in conjunction with some software to maintain an accurate fix a new baseband chip processor**** a benefit / cost ratio I think the bluetooth GPS logger and software is the way to go. I have been hearing $17.50 recivers working quite well. And BTstack GPS software is $5.00. A really good option if your iPhone GPS has really broken. But your iPhone will need to be jailbroken.

  • Nmaria Wolf

    Did not work 4 me in Denmark 🙁

  • Nmaria Wolf

    Did not work 4 me in Denmark 🙁

  • JCS

    This did not work for me.  I had tried re-setting the Network Settings as someone else suggested, and this works right after I do it.  But once I exit out of the Map and go back, the GPS doesn’t work again.  Sigh.

  • Ghostlark

    Worked for me!  Thanks so much!!!

  • Ankit SInghal

    This indeed worked for me. I turned on the 3G and MapMyIndia Started like a charm. I was about to throw away this iphone 3g box due to no GPS. You saved me. Cheers to you and your help. Thanks a tonn

  • Ptnyquist

    My iphone 3g went to download an AT&T GPS upgrade and now it’s stuck in “loading” mode. I can’t undelete it or do anything with it. Even if I turn the phone off, and then on again, it says the same thing. Thanks, Pete 

  • bulu7777

    How do I locate myself using the 3g’s GPS receiver?

  • Suziecoker

    I tried the procedure above, but the map/satelite/hybrid does not display.  The pins drop but there’
    s no map.  Any other suggestions?

  • Help !!!I purchased Golfshot GPS last spring and its worked fine up until a few weeks ago. Since then, now when I turn on, it locates the couse I am playing okbut then when I go to hole I am playing, it stays stuck with “Acquiring Sat.” showing up top and I do not get yardage. Has anyone else had this problem and know a fix?I am using on my 3G.  Suggestions in Golfshots FAQ  did not workThanks

    • Hersh

      I too have tried all of Golff Shots GPS’s “solutions” .  have you had any luck else where?

  • Dpf

    Bought 2, iPhone 3GS about 9 months ago. About 3 months ago, one started dropping calls. I spoke to ATT & Apple. ATT did some things to “reset the phone to the tower”, so they say. Apple did nothing. The problem began getting worse. If I’m talking on the phone and get a text, the call will drop. Always shows 3 to 4 bars in signal. Called ATT 9 times since the problem started, called Apple 3 times, and ATT also did a 3 way conference call with Apple & me, twice.

    Apple swears it is a software problem with ATT sim card, so ATT replaced the sim card. Did not help. ATT swears it is a hardware problem. Long story short, I have been paying over 100.00 for the past 3 months, but can’t make calls longer than 20 seconds. Home button also started acting up. Sometimes you have to push it very hard several times to get any reaction. And you have to push it on the right hand side of the button or it will not work.

    Apple finally gave in, because the hardware warranty is still good, and said to take it to the local Apple store for replacement, because of the home button, not because it was dropping calls. Well, Apple store in Lafayette Louisiana does not handle iPhones….hmmm there’s a kick in the teeth. Apple tells me to go to THAT store, but that store is useless when it comes to phones.

    So, I bring the phone back home, and called ATT again. This time to cancel the account. I have been a ping pong ball between Apple & ATT long enough.

    Again, they do conference call with Apple, but now Apple wants 35.00 from me to send them the phone… why?? The phone only weighs a few ounces, I can FedEx overnight for about 15.00. I refused to pay anything. It’s under warranty, and they have been shinning me on for 3 months. I told ATT that I wanted to end the conference call with Apple and proceed with canceling the contract. ATT said I had to pay a penalty for canceling early. I told them to take me to court, I refuse to pay that also, simply because I have paid over 300.00 in the last 3 months for service that I didn’t get. The phone is a great iPod, but a terrible phone during the last 3 months.

    So, then ATT steps up, and offers me a free phone upgrade, 3 months early.  I was surprised, but interested. I refused their offer for another iPhone, simply because of Apple. I would never ever buy another iPhone. Not that they are all bad phones, but because support is non-exsistant, even with warrenty and Apple care. Apple has offered absolutely no support in the past 3 months. They have done nothing all the way through this nightmare, but blame ATT’s network, which is bull. I can use the other iPhone, make a call and talk for hours, hang up, call the same person with the bad phone, and the call drops within 20 seconds. I know it’s not the network. I did take ATT’s offer for the HTC 4 Inspire. My total out of pocket cost for this phone was 4.06.

    ATT waved all the fees and didn’t ask me for anything except 4.06 which was some kind of tax that they couldn’t get around.

    So, be careful spending money on Apple care…. because Apple, really doesn’t care!

  • Janice Hodgson

    Have iPhone 3G and have been using latitude for over a year. Now I am unable to sign on using google mail account. At top of sign in page it reads google maps and has a closed lock beside it.
    Apparently this is why I can’t log on. Does anyone have a solution? 

  • Gregg Butler

    I have an iPhone 3GS and i pushed the reset button in the settings menu that deletes all content and data from the phone and now it jus stays on the start up screen the one that has the apple in the middle of the screen. How do i fix this to get my phone working again?

    • Cridhar2805

      just restart your iphone 3gs where wi fi is on

  • Gregg Butler

    I have an iPhone 3GS and i pushed the reset button in the settings menu that deletes all content and data from the phone and now it jus stays on the start up screen the one that has the apple in the middle of the screen. How do i fix this to get my phone working again?

  • Gregg Butler

    I have an iPhone 3GS and i pushed the reset button in the settings menu that deletes all content and data from the phone and now it jus stays on the start up screen the one that has the apple in the middle of the screen. How do i fix this to get my phone working again?

  • Adeplk

    Today i got the funny thing, the gps will have a good signal after i open facebook, and allow to see the location, and if the gps can’t fix again, i open facebook again, and then everything fine again, maybe this only solve my problem, but les’t try

  • Co198tom


  • Hefellll

    This work to me. Iphone 3G 3.13  fw 5.11.07

  • JanettDavies

    i have installed tomtom uk&ireland, try to run it, but it needs an ipa  what is this and how do i get it

  • Vot

    It worked for me in a 3GS with baseband 5.16.05 and iOS 5 jailbreak. 

  • Cressman

    Worked for me.  Thanks!

  • Found my location pretty well for the first time – my 3gs is 2nd hand & jailbroken to ios4. Thanks for the tip.

  • robyns daddy

    my gps does not seem to work is it cause i dont have internet on it

  • Anonymous

    thank god for this. makes sense. vodafone sucks.

  • KellyinMotion

    Thank you for this post!  I tried it but can’t really test it until I go out running again.  I care less about where I am now and more about where I was and how far I ran.  The iPhone apps that track that info (Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc.) were using the iPhone GPS and recently became wildly inaccurate (either that or I went from a 10 or 11 minute mile to a 7 minute mile in just a few weeks). 😉 

  • Alex Sando

    Hello.  I have enjoyed walking and using the GPS on my Iphone. As of June 7 2010 I have experienced problems; it is not working.  How can this be resolved.  Please help.
    alex S 

  • Parrish

    I got a need that in my car for my iphone i pluged my iphone in and it turned off it now not turning on can someone help me please

  • Nuno Portugal

    Thank you so much. You can imagine the time i spend with this? Thank you again! Keep up!

  • Nuno Portugal

    Thank you so much. You can imagine the time i spend with this? Thank you again! Keep up!

  • Nuno Portugal

    Thank you so much. You can imagine the time i spend with this? Thank you again! Keep up!

  • Shally

    My iphone 3g 16 gb doesn’t cnnect through WiFi even i insert correct password for WiFi it still show ” Wrong Pssword”. 

  • Shally

    My iphone 3g 16 gb doesn’t cnnect through WiFi even i insert correct password for WiFi it still show ” Wrong Pssword” It often works sometime.

  • Finallyfoundit

     Yep – it worked great for me. Thanks

  • mari

    hi i have a iphone 4g.  it is suppose to change to 3g when i enter mexico.  it just shows the bars and telecel.  my friend has the same phone and her 3g is working.  any ideas

  • Bill McNamara

    I have been having trouble with GPS errors on my iPhone 4 using both Endomondo and Runkeeper. The settings options for the iPhone are different than suggested. I went to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services and found my location with Cell Network Search and Location-Based iAids set in the off position. I will test if this helps when I go out for a ride tomorrow here in Kingston Ontario.

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