Official AT&T Motorola Q9h Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM leaked!

Feeling a bit down about having to deal with your already-old Motorola Q9h on AT&T’s network? Buck-up, sport. At least you can update your aging AT&T Motorola Q9h (codename: Norman) to the freshest Windows Mobile OS available. As far as being frustrated at the maddening pace of handset development (and subsequent obsolescence), you’ll just have to make peace with the fact that upgrading every year (at most) is aMotorola Q9h Windows Mobile 6.1 for AT&T necessity if you want to stay up to date.

But, there’s nothing wrong with updating a less-than-new handset to the newest OS. Chances are, in fact, that a simple UI refresh will be enough to keep your inner-geek happy until you can go out and grab the new smartphone hotness.

MOTOMODDING has posted what looks like the official AT&T-branded Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for the Motorola Q9h. The Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM bears all the markings of a legit WM6.1 ROM, but we still advise that all you Motorola Q9h owners proceed with caution.

And, with the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM expected to be available for the Motorola Q9h in late July, it’s not too hard to imagine the ROM getting leaked a bit early – or late, considering July is almost over.

If you’re wary of installing unofficially official ROMs, stick it out for a bit longer. AT&T is bound to release the ROM any day now.

Find the AT&T Motorola Q9h Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM here. (You’ll have to register with MOTOMODDING)

You can also download the ROM from this mirror. (No subscription required)

[Via: WMExperts]

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    I was wondering, will this work on my dash?

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