Sprint to launch Airave femtocell in August

Sprint Airave femtocellFollowing on speculation that Sprint would go live with its signal-boosting Airave femtocell solution on July 15, it appears that Sprint has finally pinned down a firm nationwide launch date for its Airave.  Sprint customers with unacceptable signal strength in their homes can go about fixing their weak-signal issues in one of two ways. They can either jump to another carrier, or they can tough it out with the Sprint Airave.

By routing your Sprint handset’s calls through a VoIP connection, the Airave basically serves as a micro-cell tower in your own home. Sprint is asking for a $99.99 one-time fee for the Airave hardware and monthly subscription costs ranging from $4.99 to $20, depending on whether or not you want to use your wireless minutes or get unlimited Airave minutes and how many handsets you want to use with your Airave.


Pick up your Airave from Sprint starting August 17.

Sprint Airave

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