HTC Dream G1 rumored for T-Mobile pre-sale on September 17

Following hot on the heels of the HTC Dream video showing the new HTC-made handset running the oft-speculated Android OS, we’re hearing that T-Mobile is gearing up to offer their customers the HTC Dream on September 17 through pre-sale channels. The pre-sale window falls in line nicely with the expected HTC Dream’s rumored arrival.

The HTC Dream has also been flaunting a new moniker, there’s talk of the Android-powered HTC handset being called the “G1.” We can’t comment on the validity of the G1 model name, but speculation has T-Mobile pushing the “G1″ as their 3G-capable Android handset.


The G1 should be rocking a huge touchscreen (5-inches by 3-inches ?) that should rival (and even out-size) the huge 3.5-inch multi-touch display on the iPhone and iPhone 3G. A working Google Gmail account will apparently be a pre-requisite to using the Android-powered G1′s phone features. And, of course, that slide-out keyboard that we saw in the Android video yesterday will make it easy to tap out longer text messages and emails ont he HTC Dream G1.

T-Mobile will apparently be kicking off pre-sales on September 17 for the incredible price of $150! Apple, in comparison, rocked the wireless industry with their $199 iPhone 3G price-point, so we can only imagine what the $150 price-tag will do for G1 sales. Unfortunately, only current T-Mobile customers will be offered the HTC Dream G1 during the 1-week pre-sale period.

T-Mobile’s up-and-coming 3G network needs a good bit of extra coverage before we can consider the carrier a true 3G provider, so here’s to hoping that T-Mo can increase their 3G footprint before the HTC Dream G1′s launch.

Bring on the HTC Dream G1 with Android! HTC is all about giving Apple a serious run for their money with their Windows Mobile-powered HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, and with the Android-powered Dream G1 on the horizon, Apple should be shaking in their boots.

So, will you be putting in an order for your own HTC Dream G1 next week?

[Via: TmoNews]

  • d1ony5u5

    I certainly will, if the price is really $150. Can’t wait to see if this is true!!

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