Google announces Android Developer Challenge winners

The Android Developer Challenge (ADC) was launched earlier this year to spur Android development and dangle a $10 million prize pool in front of developers. Today, we are presented with the winners of the ADC.Android Developer Challenge

Of the 50 developers and development firms that made it in to the final round of judging, 10 were cut $250,000 checks and 10 were given $100,000 for their hard work. The Top 20 ADC competitors, as well as the finalist group, can be found here. Head on over and check out the winners, they really have some interesting ideas that make the HTC Dream that much more appealing. We’ll be picking up one as soon as possible.

Android Developer Challenge winners and finalists

[Via: Google]

  • perry

    How many social network and satnav applications do you on a os.

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