BlackBerry Storm 9530 gets closer to Verizon launch

Verizon has yet to push out a true competitor to the iconic iPhone and iPhone 3G from big-dog competitor AT&T. The CDMA carrier has been expected to be bringing the BlackBerry 9530 Storm, formerly known as the BlackBerry Thunder, on board as their iPhone-BlackBerry Storm Thunderfighting touchscreen handset. And, as RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry handset, Verizon has something of an exclusive here.

The latest rumblings from the rumor mill has the BlackBerry Thunder getting “technical acceptance” (TA) from Verizon – a process which takes 3-4 weeks. And, combined with the fact that the BlackBerry Storm has been delayed 3-4 weeks, we’re looking at a fairly solid rumored launch window in mid-November. The new launch window misses previous speculation that Verizon could launch the BlackBerry Storm 9530 in mid-October, but what’s a month or so between friends BlackBerry fans?

Verizon reportedly still has to work out the sluggish bugs and polish the UI up a bit before releasing it to the general public. If past BlackBerry enthusiasm repeats itself for the first-ever touchscreen BlackBerry, we’ll be seeing droves of BlackBerry fans lining up to grab their own BlackBerry Storm.

[Via: BGR]

  • Quirynen Florent

    Waar en wanneer is de Blakberry storm 9530 te koop en wat is de prijs

  • Anonymous

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