Nokia N96 review – about as good as it looks

The Nokia N96 has been highly anticipated as the Nokia N95 successor and new heir to the Nseries throne. With that sexy, glossy-black finish, under-lit keys, mobile TV, and fantastic optics, the Nokia N96 is the new king-of-the-ring when it comes to Espoos Nseries lineup.

Nokia N96 review

We’ve already seen the Nokia N96 from all angles and subjective perspectives. For some, the addition of mobile TV and a refreshed design aesthetic isn’t enough to justify the jump from the Nokia N95. For others, the sleek new look combined with the improved build-quality and more precise sliding mechanism is enough to upgrade to the Nokia N96.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t stand to see more Nokia N96 reviews. AllAboutSymbian has posted an “first impressions” review of the Nokia N96 that lauds the newly-minted Nseries flagship as having good build quality (as I mentioned from my hands-on time with the N96), solid slide mechanism, and affinity for fingerprints.

Nokia N96 reviewThe camera shutter button was noted as being a bit stiff, although that’s more likely a personal perspective. I found the pre-production unit to have a well-balanced shutter button.

And, as expected from the Carl Zeiss optics used in the Nokia N96′s camera, the picture quality is top-notch (as you can see from the sample picture to the left).

Head on over to AllAboutSymbian for the down-low.

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

  • Rob

    One amazing device!

  • Marshall

    Now this is a Mobile TV Phone!

    Can i receive Free Mobile TV?… I’d be willing to watch adverts to receive Free Mobile Tv.

  • syed ali

    what is the price of nokia n 95 8 gb and nokia n 96 ?

  • edward

    how much is N96? or N79 and N85?


  • syed jafar

    the prices should be made little less,
    here in Jeddah prices are little much more than uae.
    specially for n96 nokia.
    kindly advise

  • SK Usman

    Of all the N series, I like N96 better because of its versatility and storage. However, it requires careful handling because once it fell off, the hearing device is very fragile. I wish Nokia could improve on that.

  • Victor

    How can I find out which is good. N96 From China or N96 From Finland. Well, what i’ve heard that if the Nokia N96 made in China its not good and if made in Finland its awsome. Please provide me some tips about Nokia N96

  • T Nyika

    I just want to buy the N96

  • T Nyika

    What is the price for N96

  • thee

    do u hv any external used memory in n96?

    • nikil

      ya 8 gb expandable

  • dinesh.h.panchal


  • leonard

    Me Gustaria Saber Cual Es Made in , El Fabricante Original de El Nokia N96, Por Ke Veo Que Hay REplica Ahora De Todos Los Equipo , No me Gusta Los Pirata De Tecnologia , Aunque Dicen Que Hacen La Misma Funcion , Pero Ese No Es Caso , Cuando Un equipo tiene Magnitud de Peso Es Por Que Es Bueno Si no
    Pesa Para Mi No Sirve …

    espero su REpuesta..?

    Att Leonard From ; Republica Dominicana D.N

  • H.S.Massar
  • mygadget

    Nice gadget, simple, and elegant… price & feature well matched

  • byabang sanjay

    i like all the Nokia product specially the N series 95 or 96.what is market price.

  • Sam

    Well i bought the N96 coupla months ago and i’d rather suggest to get a new blackberry than getting an N96 because of its multiple software problem: the camera stopped workin at all, beside the freezing screen and the automatic restarts.. it didnt work properly…
    guyz dont do my mistake..

  • abid

    its a very nice phone but the price is so high.all n series sets are very high prices and out of the reach of middle class.i think its the series of high class….unfortunately

  • jerome

    the n95 is a very good phone when speaking of its features and what one can do with them. however I’ve had to fork out so much money because of the fragile battery cover. those little hooks that connect the cover to the back of the phone are always breaking.they need to improve this. maybe use aluminium instead of that plastic stuff.and it would be nice if they could update the firmware say every six or so months.and for a multimedia smartphone the battery is very weak. i had to get an extra battery just to make sure i don’t run out of power at a critical improved a bit when i updated the firmware.



  • Fahd

    guys nokia is the worlds leading mobile phone producer and as if that isnt evident enough look at their products and decide for yourself…the N96 is a show stopper i mean even the N97 cant compete coz its touch screen so usability may not be as easier as the n96 but its your choice whether you want full QWERTY plus touch or just slide and dial or play etc…so the advantage with nokia is that you get regular updates even directly from yo phone(FOTA) these updates are very important my fellow noia users…i’v been updating all my symbian phones like N95,N78,N79,N95-8GB and believe ne i’v never encountered any software/firmware problems…just the slider of N95 and N95 8Gb but they took care of that in N96 hell thats y i went for it..only problem with N96 is the battery…BL-5F is not the best choice atleast it should have been like N95-8GB which has BL-6F…but as we all know you cant get everything perfect in any machine or even in a Human being for that matter…Keep it up Nokia …guys if you have any problems with the Symbian Series 60 Version 3 phones please feel free to contact me via [email protected]…thank you

  • Umair

    Hi… Could you please tell me the price of N96 And N86 8 MP.. thnkxxx… Please do reply .. Thankx Again

  • Rebecca

    I hate this phone. It frustrates me to no end and makes me seriously want to chuck it against the wall. The whole point of having a phone is to be able to call people … MINE WON’T!!!! It also doesn’t log on to websites requiring a password, constantly freezes, starts up only after holding in the on button 3 times and the battery won’t last me longer than a day… even though I have hardly used the phone, had it on economic battery use, and on silent mode…. DONT GET THIS PHONE!!!

  • hadi muhyidin

    my nokia N96 cannot see live tv why?

  • Darlington udemba or Okey

    I love Nokia N96, it make u connet people all over the world
    Thanks Nokia N96.Nigeria Akwaeze

  • sulfikar

    i bought N96.but i used it only 15 was not functioning was china made.belltell peoples a co. in muscat told this set is only coming from china.but actually they were cheating me.then when i went to repair they ignored me.actually this belltel is a cheating co.their dealership should cancel by nokia.guys dont do my mistake

  • sulfikar

    now am requesting you peoples not to buy phones from nokia belltell in muscat

  • ken

    N96, hmmn! Great phone you've got there from what i read. Please let me know the current cost of the original N96 from Finland and also how one can differentiate it from the ones from China. Thank you and please reply quickly!!!

  • ken

    What's the price of the original "made in Finland N96" and how can it be differentiated from those "made in China" versions. Thanks!

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