Palm updates Palm Treo 800w with USB and battery fixes

Palm Treo ProIf you’re the proud owner of a new Palm Treo 800w, then you might be feeling a bit let down at this point. Aside from the fact that the Palm Treo Pro has just surfaced as the latest must-have Palm Treo smartphone, Palm has acknowledged problems with the software controlling the Palm Treo 800w’s USB port and battery.

The Palm Treo 800w apparently didn’t like recognizing certain USB devices, and had some problems charging a completely dead and drained battery. Both issues have been recognized by Palm and fixes are now available in the new Palm Treo 800w software update.

If your Palm Treo 800w is sitting dead on your desk with a completely drained battery, unable to start charging through the wall-charger, you’ll want to “trickle charge” the Palm Treo 800w battery by connecting it via USB cable to your computer. The USB port on your computer Palm Treo 800w software updateshould start charging your Palm Treo 800w, and once the battery hits 25%, you’re good to start the software update.

Even better is news that the software update can be both downloaded and applied through your computer or simply applied as an OTA (over-the-air) update. You can find the software update download link here. To update your Palm Treo 800w over the air, simply point your 800w’s IE browser to and follow the onscreen instructions.

With this latest software update and our previous hack that should open up faster upload data speeds, your Palm Treo 800w should be humming along quite nicely.


  • Your Yellow Heartthrob (Grant Faber)

    My 800w goes dead sometime during binge drinking. When I regain consciousness and plug it in, it lasts long enough to reveal messages indicating the collapse of my microcosm. I frantically begin damage control, until it dies again as I hammer replies.

    After twenty minutes of USB-trickling, ActiveSync sounds its pleasant chime, my Treo lights up, and normalcy is restored.

    I would advise Palm add an approximate wait time to their update page. I had to use a payphone thinking my celly was permanently disabled, and I nearly went back to Best Buy, guns a-blazing.

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