Nokia N96 and BBC iPlayer – a match made in heaven!

Nokia N96 and BBC iPlayer - a match made in heaven!I was just mentioning about the SIM-free price-point of the N96, and immediately following that… here comes the fact that the BBC have announced iPlayer support for it!

N96 users will be able to both stream and download programmes from the popular service, which will be delivered in a purpose-built application. Luckily, it will be able to use both 3G and WiFi, to avoid those (potentially, depending on contract) high data costs.

It is said that the app will also be available as a download from the BBC site, though we’ll wait to see if any Operators try and restrict that (or change the N96 firmware for their variants – you never know, it could happen!).

Nokia are making sure the N96 is going to rock Mobile TV, one way or the other – broadcast, 3G streaming, or app-based download – take your pic (depending on your country)!


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