BlackBerry Thunder / Storm leaked on video!

With CTIA SF 2008 just about underway, it’s fitting that we finally get to see the actual workings of RIM’s first-ever crack at a touchscreen-based BlackBerry handset. The BlackBerry Storm (or Thunder, apparently depending on which carrier is offering this particular bit of touchscreen goodness), rocks a huge touchscreen that should satisfy even the meanest of large-display cravings.

The BlackBerry Storm / Thunder for Verizon has hit the web in all its touchscreen glory thanks to the masked wonder known as Brewninja. The video below confirms the presence of accelerometers, allowing for automatic screen rotation. Unfortunately, the pressure-sensitive touchscreen is a bit of a pain in the you-know-where.

On the upside, the keyboard is nice and big. Even better, it’s not all that hard to use.

So, what say you on the BlackBerry Thunder / Storm?

[Via: CrackBerry]

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