Orange’s world-first 3G/UMA “Unik” service

Orange's world-first 3G/UMA Orange has announced the launch of the world’s first 3G unlicensed mobile access (UMA) platform, opening up a new world of multimedia services to its Unik customers.

Launching first with two exclusive Orange handsets from Samsung and Sony Ericsson, UMA and 3G network technology will be combined in one device for the very first time. Orange’s UMA service (Unik) allows customers to use a single handset to make calls by seamlessly switching from fixed WiFi to mobile cellular networks as they leave or enter their home or office.

The first 3G UMA handset to launch will be the Samsung P270. This will be followed by the launch of the Sony Ericsson G705u – the company’s first UMA handset.  By combining the best capabilities of fixed and mobile, Orange’s customers can enjoy continuous access to news, information and rich entertainment applications from a single device.

Hmm, interesting – more Operators and vendors trying out the whole UMA thing, after Nokia and O2 gave it a go a while back. UMA and NFC technologies will no doubt find their way in to mainstream acceptance, the question is of course, when….

You can see the full Orange Press Release here.

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