GeoGraffiti’s verbal bulletin board sounds like a cool idea; I wonder how many people will use it

Mobile local information provider, GeoGraffiti, has recently launched a telephone-based information exchange service/verbal bulletin board to allow people to record, publish and listen location-specific phone messages or the so called “Voice Marks.” Here’s what the official release says about it:

The GeoGraffiti voice platform allows users to share location-specific advice, opinions, warnings and other messages that could benefit other consumers in the present or future. From any mobile phone, GeoGraffiti enables a user to “mark” real-world places by publishing a Voice Mark message. A Voice Mark is a short voice message captured via phone that shares information about a venue, event, promotion or anything anyone cares to share. The Voice Mark messages are linked to a location using a zip code, or geo-tagged to an exact spot on earth using latitude/longitude coordinates. Users are also able to create, search and track Voice Marks, in relation to a specific community or social network, online via GeoGraffiti’s Google Map mashup tool.

Personally the “verbal bulletin board” idea sounds cool, especially when connected with location-aware information. However, I do reserve some doubts many people will like the service. Reading, better say scanning is way more appealing nowadays, or at least that’s where I stand.

To try out the service (it’s free) simply call (213) 221-3802, or visit GeoGraffiti’s website and use their Google Maps mashup tool. No mobile phone activation, software download, or registration is required.

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