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It’s been one helluva ride since IntoMobile got its blogging-legs and started exploring the mobile blogosphere. We’ve grown up quite a bit since last year, and it’s all because of you, our readers. Kudos to all of you for making IntoMobile one of the premier online resources for mobile phone content.

You may have noticed a couple new faces featured on IntoMobile’s front-page. Seeing as how IntoMobile has come so far, we thought was high time we expanded our team and brought on some additional editorial perspective.

James Falconer

James Falconer

James Falconer is our co-resident iPhone freak. James started off as a bona-fide web and graphics designer about 15 years ago, but has since branched out and co-founded and currently runs With James’ experience in all things web and mobile-related, he’s bound to have an interesting perspective on the mobile world. We’re glad to have James on the IntoMobile team and can’t wait to read his take on the current state of the mobile ecosystem.

Simon Sage

Simon Sage

Simon Sage comes to us from where he flexed his blogging-muscles as Senior Editor. He hails from the land of poutine and RIM’s home-turf – Canada. Expect Simon to deliver a balanced perspective and thoroughly thought out opinions on the the mobile world. We’re looking forward to seeing Simon’s thoughts on anything BlackBerry related, and we’re even more excited to see what he thinks about the rest of the mobile world.

And, what better way to celebrate our newly expanded team than to be named the #1 Cellphone Blog on the web. has put together a Top 20 list of mobile phone blogs across the web-o-sphere and they’ve given IntoMobile the hat-tip as the top-blog in our niche. The Top 20 Mobile Phone Blogs list reads like a who’s who of cellphone blogs on the web, and we’re proud to sit at the top of that list. Excuse us as we pat ourselves on the back. Top 20 Cellphone Blogs

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    amen to that

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    well done …. Congratulations for the success. Keep it up.
    Welcome James & Simon 🙂

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