Palm Centro defaced by Ed Hardy

The Primetime Emmy Awards are getting set to “honor” our Hollywood favs with awards recognizing them for their work on the small screen. And, you know what that means – celebrities are going to be getting swag bags filled with new gadgets that mere mortals will never get their hands on. Mobile phone makers scramble around this time of year to have celebrities brandishing their wares in front of cameras from all over the world. What better way to get your cellphone some coverage than to offer an over-the-top, limited edition version of your best-seller?

Palm Centro by Ed Hardy

Palm Centro by Ed Hardy

That’s exactly what Palm has one. They’ve gotten it in their heads that the latest Hollywood fashion-fad, Ed Hardy, was the perfect image to help market their Palm Centro. So, Palm tapped Ed Hardy to bling-out their Palm Centro (and accompanying headset) with crystals and a tacky, flagrantly gaudy design that only tripped-out, tasteless, wannabe celebrities can appreciate. Thankfully Unfortunately, only hosts, presenters, and performers will have to bear will have the honor of sporting the Ed Hardy-designed Palm Centro in all its faux-style glory.

Oh Palm…

[Via: Wired]

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