Android G1 missing a standard headphone jack

C’mon HTC, throw us a bone, here. You got us all excited with that Amazon MP3 store talk, and bam, you shove your proprietary ExtUSB plug down our throat. On second thought, maybe it’s a little hasty to judge – after all, it would save on room since both the USB and headphones can fit in there, but having to deal with adapters and the like in order to use your existing headphones is a bit of a pain. Would you guys be willing to switch headphone formats to get your hands on the T-Mobile G1?

[via Engadget Mobile]

  • Tom

    Dang, that’s disappointing but I should have known from HTC… Kind of pisses me off to be honest. Why can’t they get their head out of their arse long enough to realize a simple headphone jack can make the difference for a lot of buyers interested in enjoying a little multimedia on their mobile. Stupid choice. Compared to the competition on the market the build quality on this thing looks laughable. For such an important device for the android platform, it’s a real shame.

  • Celine

    Absolutely agree, I was all excited about the news -Amazon- but now I am SO disappointed. I already have the HTC touch and I bought the adapter to be able to plug my earbuds and after few months the adapter is not working properly meaning I have one ear working and not the other one, I heard this is pretty typical of jack adapter and they all do that at some point….SO disappointed

  • Josiah

    This is very disappointing to be sure…what doesn’t make sense to me is how simple it is to have a regular headphone jack, and how much we all know it means after the first generation iPhone. This really will affect my decision in switching.

  • jason

    isn’t the device bluetooth-enabled? So use a wireless headset should be ok

  • leslie

    Well i guess that means not hearing aid compatible either? Sheesh just like the iPhone. New technologies leave the hearing impaired in the dust. FCC regs say mfg have to have 25% of thier phones hac? But if you only make one phone guess you dont have to do that??

    Need a good sys that will allow captioning services to run on mobile like the sprint webcaptel service. Even reg phones with hac are not too good need to have that little extra leaverage of partially hearing the conversation and seeing it in text at same time. The sprint captel service (free by the way) makes using the phone an additional option to ip relay or even tty?

    Some day??

  • jblxxx

    What a bunch of idiots, not making it a 3.5 jack, and the adaptor’s wires are so long you can literally choke yourself with it, smh

  • Cathy

    Normally I would agree with you guys, but Apple did not let them have it because apperantly Apple reserves the right to have a 3.5mm Headphone Jack used for music on their products. So yeahh.

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