Court dismisses class-action against Apple over iPhone battery

Well good for Apple. A US District Court Judge has dismissed the class-action lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone’s limited battery life and $86 battery replacement fee. Jose Trujillo filed suit against Apple back in July 2007, complaining that Apple didn’t explicitly mention that the iPhone’s battery would slowly die and need to be replaced after some time. Unfortunately for Trujillo, the judge hearing the case didn’t think he had any ground upon which to stand.

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly dismissed the suit without so much as a trial, citing Apple’s disclaimer on the iPhone’s packaging that states the iPhone’s battery has limited recharge cycles and might need to be replaced in the future.

iPhone battery-related lawsuit might just be a thing of the past, thanks to this particular precedent. US legal system actually works? Who’da thunk it?

[Via: Bloomberg]

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