Mobispine joins Acision Innovation Network to offer its PC-to-Mobile messaging solution to Acision’s operators and end-users

Our friends from Mobispine have announced that they have joined the Acision Innovation Network to enable joint market development opportunities with the world’s leading messaging company.

From the official release:

The ability to send Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messages (MMS) to any mobile phone from a PC desktop is a valuable revenue generating tool for Acision’s global operators who can easily activate Mobispine’s technology to broaden customer choice and ultimately increase revenue per user (ARPU). For the end user, PC-to-mobile messaging enables easy, convenient and cost-effective communication with customers, colleagues and friends. It is unbeatable if the user wants to communicate brief, urgent information to people who are on the move.

Commenting on the announcement, Mobispine’s CEO Dusyant Patel said that as a result of the collaboration of the two companies, Acision’s operators will find Mobispine’s service easy-to-use and profitable. “Moreover, a partnership with a respected industry leader like Acision will further drive the growth of a new generation software-based mobility products such as messaging, client applications, and rich multimedia features,” he added.

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