TouchType iPhone application brings landscape mode to iPhone Email

When it comes to niggling feature-quibbles, the iPhone and iPhone 3G have their fair share of disappointments. Overall, the iPhone and iPhone 3G deliver an unmatched user experience and has redefined what touchscreen smartphones should be capable of, but they still have their downfalls.

One curiously lakcing feature is the iPhone OS’s lack of landscape orientation-support in some key smartphone applications. Take the iPhone Mail application, for example. The iPhone OS doesn’t support landscape orientation when tapping out those oh-so-important emails. Landscape orientation allows for a wider on-screen QWERTY keyboard that makes it that much easier to type with those stubby fingers of yours. But, where Apple fails, the iPhone developer community prevails.

TouchType brings landscape email composition to iPhone

TouchType brings landscape email composition to iPhone

TouchType is a new iPhone application that allows users to compose email messages in landscape orientation. The TouchType application calls up its own text-entry window with a wider, landscape-oriented keyboard in tow.

Once your email is composed, a quick tap of the “Send” button whisks you to the iPhone’s Mail application and auto-fills your just-composed message into the email body. Simply fill out the target email address and send your email on its merry way.

TouchType will bring landscape email composition to your iPhone for $0.99 (iTunes link) from the iTunes AppStore.

TouchType (iTunes link)

[Via: iPhoneAtlas]

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