Touchscreen Nokia N-series in the works?

Nokia N97 concept

According to Nokia India’s Devinder Kishore, “We will have lot of touchscreen phones coming up, including an N-series device very soon.” This is some pretty good news in light of the warm reception of the XpressMusic 5800. The N96 model number is already spoken for, so this new one might come to market as an N97 due in early 2009.

We had also seen some pipe dreams of an E-series communicator concept with a touchscreen, so it sounds like it’s on Nokia’s mind these days. The XpressMusic 5800 will likely pave the way and help them work out the kinks of the S60 Touch OS before Nokia starts porting it to new devices. If you thought Nokia was a little late to the touchscreen game, or even that the hype of touch interface has slowed down, other manufacturers are just getting onto the touchscreen bandwagon too.

[Cellpassion via unwired view]

  • John

    This new N-serie touchscreen devices are awsome greate!
    My next phones for shoore.

  • Tom

    This is true , and Nokia will come out with more
    then 10 new touchscreen models in 2009.
    Both in N-serie and E-serie.

  • Micky

    Lets not forget, the 5800 Xpressmusic handset is not the first touch screen device Nokia have manufactured. The Nokia 6708, released in 2005 had a touch screen. The 5800 Xpressmusic is the first handset from Nokia that has a touch Screen as its main input method, whereas the 6708 has numbered keypad also.

  • Krystof Korb

    6708 wasn’t Nokia but BenQ.

  • Zak

    What’s wrong with Buttons?!?!?

  • someone

    what about nokia 7710? its also touch screen, it was released in 2004, so 5800 is not the first handset from Nokia that has a touch Screen as its main input method

  • Tom

    The best thing are that the new Nokia phones who will come are on a much higher level then he rest.

    Already the E71 get the price
    for the Best Smartphone 2008
    and E71 priced for phone of the year.

    You can image what be in 2009.

  • mamikohh

    the good news is, you’ll get the benefits of having a touchscreen phone (like iphone) in a price that is affordable and within the reach of majority.. in short it is for practical reasons.

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