AT&T Ninja Drops Holiday Lineup

If AT&T happens to be your carrier of choice, BGR has managed to get their hands on a holiday device release list (from their internal ‘ninja’ of course :P). I’ve bolded one device in particular (no pun intended).

  • Pantech Matrix: $80 after MIR
  • Samsung Propel: $80 after MIR
  • AT&T Quickfire: $100 after MIR
  • Samsung Eternity: $150 after MIR
  • Samsung EPIX: $200 after MIR
  • LG Incite: $200 after MIR
  • HTC Fuze: $300 after MIR
  • BlackBerry Bold: (no pricing details yet)

Keep in mind the BlackBerry Bold has been rumored to be at AT&T for some time now. The insider ‘ninja’ did have the Bold on the list… But if current delays turn out to be a trend, don’t be too dissapointed if the device does not show up on AT&T before the holidays. It’s all up in the air, but we’ll see.

[Via: BGR]

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