iPhone WiFi Router – PDA Net makes iPhone 3G tethering easier than ever

iPhone and iPhone 3G owners with the warranty-voiding fortitude to open up their handset to unofficial third-party applications – the process known as the “jailbreak” – have enjoyed the option to use their iPhone 3G as a wireless modem. By “tethering” an iPhone 3G to a laptop, users with jailbroken iPhone 3G’s could take full advantage of their high-speed wireless data network on a full-fledged computer – all it required was a simple terminal command and a couple web browser tweaks.

Now, there’s an even easier way to tether your iPhone 3G (and iPhone – but you’ll be limited to EDGE data speeds) to your laptop. Enter PDA Net for the iPhone.

Just like the WMWiFiRouter and WalkingHotspot applications that aim to turn your Windows Mobile or S60 smartphone into a portable WiFi hotspot, PDA Net turns your iPhone and iPhone 3G into a portable WiFi router. PDA Net allows you to connect your computer to your iPhone 3G via WiFi and surf the web, check emails, and send instant messages over your handset’s 3G (or EDGE) data connection.

Whereas the proxy-based iPhone 3G tether solution limited web access to Firefox-only web browsing (proxies being what they are), PDA Net allows for unfettered access to all things wireless. Browse your favorite websites, play online games, send emails and instant messages, or even buy iTunes music – it’s all good with PDA Net!

PDA Net is available for jailbroken iPhones through Cydia. The PDA Net application is included in the default Cydia application repository sources, so a simple search for “PDA” should find you the PDA Net app.

Once found, simply install the “PDA Net” application and behold the power of your iPhone 3G as portable WiFi router.

Here’s a quick rundown to getting your iPhone or iPhone 3G working as a walking hotspot:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone or iPhone 3G. Hit up our iPhone jailbreak guide to find out how.
  2. Fire up “Cydia” (it’s automatically installed when you jailbreak your iPhone using our guide).
  3. Search for “PDA Net” (find the little magnifying glass icon along the lower edge of window).
  4. Install “PDA Net.”
  5. Create an ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) network on your laptop (or desktop).
  6. Connect your iPhone to the ad-hoc network (via WiFi settings).
  7. Fire up the “PDA Net” application.
  8. Make sure your WiFi connection is active.
  9. Enjoy the full power of high-speed wireless data!
  • EVDOinfo

    EDGE is "high speed wireless data"?

    Man, I didn't know I could spew diet coke that far.

    Thanks for clearing the nasal passages! 😉

  • IphoneGuy

    TO EVDOinfo, if you knew how to read and comprehend you will notice that no where in this post does he state that EDGE is "high speed wireless data."

    Please learn to read before making a fool of yourself.

    Children these days, lol.

  • shekeb

    i have jailbreaked my iphone i installed cydia and than pdanet i have also made ad hoc computer to computer conectioin. and all wifi are connected but still i cant make internet conection

    can anybody tell me wht to do


  • Will Park

    Try restarting the iPhone? It should work just fine…

  • justice

    To IPhoneGuy, quit being a condescending idiot. EVDOinfo was referring to:

    9. Enjoy the full power of high-speed wireless data!

  • forall

    Justice, maybe that's what he was referring to, but since this set of instructions enables 3G speeds, his reference was tenuous at best.

  • abdulkarim

    my windows pc doesnot have the "Wireless Networks" tab in Wireless connections properties. what should i do ? plz help me.

  • paul

    well .. im trying this in linux and it just doesnt work.

    I can connect the phone & laptop to one another just fine it seems, as I am able to ping back & forth. I can also ping the IP i see for '3G' which i assume is my provider's ip..

    now, when launch PDANet it doesn't say it cannot find the wifi connection, it says that it is 'ready'. But it then says to go connect the iPhone to the ad-hoc network which it should already be, since PDANet doesnt say 'that it cant find it' …

    when I dhcp my network interface im given an ip for my laptop, but no nameservers appear. this leads me to believe that the 'wifi router' thing just doesnt work.

  • NewJohnny

    To set the record straight: pdanet is NOT a wifi router app. It only shares 3g with one other computer. It's the computer that is the router. You cannot connect devices that can't do ad-hoc, unlike a real wifi router.

  • EH

    Paul — Wondering if you ever got your linux laptop to work, or if you just gave up? I had the same issue trying to set up a EeePC loaded with the eeeBuntu Linux load yesterday. I could connect to the ad-hoc network I made from both the iPhone and the laptop, and could ping the iPhone's wifi IP from the laptop, but every time I tried to start the PDANet application mine also stated it was ready and I needed to connect to the ad-hoc wireless network, which was obviously already done since the laptop could ping the phone's wifi IP successfully. I was thinking of looking into iptables or some other firewall restrictions that might be causing it to fail the last step.


    guys im sooooo happppyyyy i have a jailbroken and unlocked ipphone 3g and guessss what when i installed pdanet i check the speed of my iphone tethering conection and i went o speedmeter by 2wire and it was 2.2 mbps this is really good then later i check again and it was going upppp to 3.6 mbps i never experience this before but this is the best pdanet software im staying with it for life guys good luck and stop paying high prices to att and unlock you iphone 3g

  • Vishal

    This works very well but not as a Wifi Router – like the solutions available on Wm6 and Symbian. An ad-hoc connection is required. The difference with other solutions is that a native on-deck mobile app uses both radios 3g and Wifi to bridge it and create a router like environment – so that multiple laptops can connect and surf.

  • godwulf

    doesn't the data use rate go way over the 5gb limit all wireless isp's dictate when you do all that surfing on your laptop?

  • Surge

    Johnny has it right. This article is misleading..WMWifiRouter and JoikuSpot (for Symbian S60) actually bridge the connections and turn the device into a virtual hot spot. Multiple computers can access it. With PDA Net, only ONE computer can access it. It's still very cool, but WMWR and JoikuSpot just have so much more features.

  • For information about the full article “iOS 4.3 lets iPhone 4 host wifi over 3G”
    thx 🙂

  • For information about the full article “iOS 4.3 lets iPhone 4 host wifi over 3G”
    thx 🙂

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