Facebook Refusing to Develop App for Android OS

Facebook and Google haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye as of late. The first ka-fuffle arose when the social-networking giant blocked Google’s Friend Connect, citing security issues as the reason for the block.

Now the battle continues on as Facebook has revealed that they will not be releasing an app for the new open-source Android OS. This is in stark contrast to Facebook’s action on the iPhone and BlackBerry. If you carry either of those brands you’re probably aware that there are full-featured Facebook apps for both of those devices. The iPhone version I particularly enjoy.

Early adopters of the T-Mobile G1 will certainly be disappointing with this news, especially if they were expecting Facebook to appear in the immediate future. Don’t count out Facebook from appearing on the OS, however be prepared to wait. Facebook has commented that Google or another third party will have to develop the application for them, as they do not want to dedicate any resources towards developing an app for Android. They’ve also commented “Android sucks, it doesn’t matter.” Thems fighting words!

An interesting side note? Facebook is ad-served and invested in by good ol Microsoft… and we know that Microsoft is not quite Google’s biggest supporter. Conspiracy theory? Nah, but something to chew on 🙂

[Via: TechRadar]

  • Sven7

    Oh, come on. Maybe not for now. But in a year or so when Android sells 10 million handsets a quarter things will look different.

  • SteveSanders

    This is so easy…just have google buy them out. mmhahahaha

  • John

    Hey as long as the browser is good enough, which it sounds like it is. I'm sure using the FB web interface won't be too bad.

  • Jonny

    I agree that they'll eventually have to come out with an app. I think that facebook hates google, because they're scared that google will come out with a more open social networking site. I really like facebook and its the best social networking site so far, but every single photo you upload to facebook becomes property of facebook and they could use it however they wanted. Facebook is also becoming more invasive with advertising, so I think google has the power to eventually make something that would be superior to facebook.

  • david

    Oh please – a Microsoft Conspiracy – that's just said to think that. Mayb the brother of a key stock holder has a friend of a neighbour who knows someone who saw Evlis in the 60 is the reason they aren't releasing it.

  • Zak

    It's nice to see someone saying "no" to Google

  • ryaninc

    I am a BlackBerry user who just got a G1 yesterday. First of all, the BlackBerry Facebook app is anything but full featured. I installed it, but rarely used it because it was so lacking. So I'm already used to browsing FB via the web. And, actually, the G1 handles the iPhone formatted Facebook site extremely well, so that's what I've been using. It's at iphone.facebook.com, for anyone curious.

  • Simon Sage

    Even if Facebook isn’t on board, that just gives Google a chance to push Orkut. Yeah, it’s not that popular in North America, but it’s pretty huge just about everywhere else.

  • Mike Joens

    Stupid On Facebook’s part … not only is the phone going to be on T-Mobile (currently) but almost every other provider will be offering a Android based phone. Where the iPhone is exclusively on AT&T. There is already a Facebook app out for Android and it works great, they may lose some users activity with out this app.

  • Kenzo

    No worries.

    Simply go to iphone.facebook.com on your T-mobile G1. It works just like it does on the iphone. It might as well be optimized for the G1. G1 users should try this.

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