UK: LycaMobile’s 3p/minute offer during Diwali

Lycamobile, the international mobile telecoms provider, is offering a special call tariff for Diwali. In the spirit of the festival of lights, the cut-price call rates are aimed at illuminating the lives of loved ones and bringing friends and families closer together.

From today until the 2nd November, all rates to landlines in India and Sri Lanka have been cut giving the UK Asian community massive savings on calls to friends, family and relatives. Calls to Indian landlines have been slashed from 5p per minute to only 3p per minute, while rates to landlines in Sri Lanka are down from 8p per minute to 3p per minute during the festival offer period.

Combining the 3p per minute Diwali festival rate with free credit on top-ups means that it is possible to call India and Sri Lanka for as little as 2p per minute. New Lycamobile customers get an extra £2 credit on registration and, from today, an additional £10 worth of calls on £20 top-up vouchers.

Calls can be made by simply replacing an existing SIM card, in any unlocked UK mobile handset,with the Lycamobile Pay As You Go card. Top-ups and SIM cards are available from more than 85,000 UK retail outlets, including newsagents, convenience stores, payzone and e-pay. Top-up vouchers can also be purchased online at


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    since yesterday im trying to call costomer sirvice,i can't get it.

  • Gael Orr

    I have received a text from you informing me that I have won $2m- please confirm

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