iPhone 2.2 OS with Google Maps Street View (screenshots)

Google Maps Street View on iPhone (notice the inset circular window)

Google Maps Street View on iPhone (notice the inset circular window)

We’ve been waiting on Apple to seed their Beta 2 iPhone 2.2 OS update to developers in October, and today we’re hearing that Apple has finally given iPhone developers an early release of the next iPhone OS update. As expected, the iPhone 2.2 OS update enables the heralded Google Maps Street View feature that was highlighted on the Google Android-powered T-Mobile G1. The T-Mobile G1 supports it, Java devices are already enjoying Street View, and even Windows Mobile users can get jiggy with street-level Google Maps. Next up, the iPhone and iPhone 3G.

In addition to the iPhone Safari UI refresh that we showed you earlier this month, the iPhone 2.2 OS will be featuring a significantly overhauled version of Google Maps. Screenshots (below) of the iPhone 2.2 OS show Google Maps Street View in action as well as map-directions for walking, driving, or mass transit.

Notable in the Google Maps Street View feature is the small, circular, inset window that keeps the user informed of their current position within the 3D Google Maps Street View perspective. And, with driving, walking, and mass transit directions, Google Maps can efficiently tailor your directions based on your method of travel.

Moreover, MacRumors is reporting that the iPhone 2.2 OS supports Line-in audio accessories – paving the way for audio recording accessories on the iPhone.

Unfortunately for anyone holding out for cut-and-paste functionality on the iPhone, the latest iPhone 2.2 OS beta shows no signs of a global cut/paste solution.

Make the jump to get at a gallery of Google Maps Street View screenshots.

Hit up iPhone Yap for the full gallery of iPhone Google Maps Street View screenshots.

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  • sam

    Street View is cool but what about MMS, video capture, and landscape texting?

  • Steve cpw

    please for the love of god give me cut and paste and text forwarding !!!

    Hopefully streetview will incorparate compas view like the G1……..cus its fekin awsome !!!

  • Static Invasion

    Poor G1! Thank you Apple, I'm reassured that I made the right choice with the iPhone!

  • Jason

    i got the iphone 3g updated to 2.2 but got the same boring maps no street view or updates…what is going on

  • thomas bernards

    over 50 years ago I lived on a two mile section of rural/country road –

    15-20 houses the road is named Poverty Bend

    I was amazed to find that clear pictures are available of that road, houses and area

    make sure you call ahead when you are going to shoot the inside of my home!

    I wonder what I used to do at work?

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