iPhone Dev Team declares iPhone 3G baseband software unlock almost ready!

While the rest of the world goes about their daily business, toiling away at their jobs or studying to make the grade, the iPhone Dev Team has been working away to make the iPhone 3G software unlock solution a reality.

Sure, the iPhone 3G is available in just about every major wireless market in the world, which makes the need for a SIM-unlocked iPhone 3G capable of surfing any GSM network in the world that much less necessary. And, with Apple selling factory-unlocked iPhone 3G’s in Hong Kong and Italy, there’s definitely no shortage of legitimately unlocked iPhone 3G hardware on market.

Still, for those of us that can’t make the trip to Hong Kong or Italy, but still have a need for an unlocked mobile phone when travelling abroad, the iPhone Dev Team is still hacking away at the iPhone 3G’s baseband firmware. The baseband firmware is the code that controls a cellphone’s cellular radio – in this case, the iPhone 3G’s baseband firmware controls the GSM radio and how it connects to available GSM networks.

3G Baseband Tool from iphonedev on Vimeo

Over the weekend, the iPhone Dev Team released a new video that highlights the enterprising iPhone-hacking group’s breakthroughs in getting an iPhone 3G software unlock solution out to the general public. For those of you that have religiously updated their iPhone 3Gs using only the iPhoen Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool in hopes of preserving the older baseband firmware that might one day be successfully unlocked, here’s another glimmer of hope!

To be clear, the iPhone Dev Team has gained access to the iPhone 3G baseband and has successfully modified the baseband firmware on the iPhone 3G (albeit failing integrity checks). The video shows the iPhone Dev Team’s 3G baseband tool in action. Enjoy!

  • Janice

    iPhone 3G software unlock sounds very fine,

    and looking forward to their news!!!

    Before it is ready, people still need the iPhone 3G unlock hardware very much,

    Because it is convenient for people! People still enjoy the do-it-yourself

    Plug & Play sim card for unlocking iPhone 3G without the risk of damaging

    the iPhone 3G or voiding its warranty very much.

  • Soujer

    Why don't they just buy an iphone 3g from hong kong/italy (ebay?/A chinese/italian friend) and decompile that firmware/Baseband , and have people download the modified firmware/baseband and install it on the american iphone.

  • Stan

    I am a US ATT subscriber using a non Apple phone that would like to buy a 3G iphone, but I absolutely refuse to pay ATT the additional $30 or more per month for phone calls and higher rates for text msgs, email, etc simply because I have an iphone.

    If I buy an official Apple unlocked 3G iphone and insert my existing ATT sim card into the phone what limitations, problems or restrictions will I encounter?

  • Will Park

    Stan, as long as you jailbreak and activate your iPhone 3G with PwnageTool, you should be good to go with your current AT&T SIM card.

  • rk


    Factory Unlocked iphone is available in czech republic too but only when u buy it for the full price from T-mobile.

  • godclaw

    a friend just upgraded my 3g 16gb to a 3.1 firmware… i need to know if there's anyway to jailbreake it?? please send me an answer

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