iPhone owners get FREE access to AT&T WiFi HotSpots! (Finally)

It’s been a long and winding road, but it looks like AT&T has finally gotten their act together and is now offering iPhone owners FREE access to their AT&T WiFi HotSpots around the US, including those AT&T WiFi HotSpots in Starbucks coffee houses.

We’ve been expecting AT&T to give iPhone owners free WiFi service through the carrier’s network of thousands of AT&T WiFi HotSpot locations since the No. 1 US wireless carrier mistakenly announced the free WiFi offer several months ago, blaming “human error” for the announcement. AT&T then rolled out the free AT&T WiFi service again for iPhone owners, before taking the offer off the table the next day.

Free AT&T WiFi HotSpot service for iPhone owners!

Free AT&T WiFi HotSpot service for iPhone owners!

This time around, the free AT&T WiFi HotSpot access looks legit and bound to stick around for the long-haul. iPhone owners will now have free access to all of AT&T’s WiFi locations strewn across the US. So, between AT&T’s 3G network and AT&T’s WiFi HotSpots, iPhone 3G users are sure to have quick access to the web whenever and wherever they might need it.

AT&T WiFi offer

  • Amanda

    This is also offered for select Blackberries as well. The Pearl, Curve and Bold (when released)

  • Jerry Marcus

    The EVIL EMPIRE knows that 3 G coverage doesnt excist thats why they are offering this. Amazing how they get away with false adversting and totall misleading the american public.

  • Hypnosis

    Didn't get their sms notification about this offer, but had easy wifi access at SB.

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