AndroidBoy brings Game Boy emulation to Android Market

GameBoy games on Android? Yes, please!

GameBoy games on Android? Yes, please!

We’re still getting acquainted with our T-Mobile G1, discovering all the little nuances that the Android OS has to offer. But, there’s just something missing from the Android platform… what could it be?

A GameBoy emulator!

One of the first applications launched for the iPhone was a GameBoy emulator. The application was an unofficial release available only to iPhone owners that had jailbroken (and thus opened up access to the file system) their handsets. The iPhone GameBoy emulator was restricted to jailbreak-circles due to its dubious legality and the non-sanctioned SDK tools used to develop the application, but it was a decent success in its own right. It sure would be nice if someone developed a GameBoy emulator for Android.

Fortunately, there already is a GameBoy emulator for Android. All hail AndroidBoy! Regardless of any legal obstacles, AndroidBoy is now available through Google’s official Android application store – Android Market. The availability of AndroidBoy on the Android Market is a testament to Google’s decidedly more open stance on Android development than Apple’s lock-down policy on the iPhone OS.

AndroidBoy supports original GameBoy games as well as more recent GameBoy Color gaming titles – turning your T-Mobile G1 into a veritable Super GameBoy! Fire up the Android Market application and download AndroidBoy today.

AndroidBoy has been renamed as MobileBoy in the Android Market. Please note, you will not find AndroidBoy in the Android Market, search fro MobileBoy.

  • Doug

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding this in the market, checked all of the newests apps, games, and did a full market search and nothing came up for "AndroidBoy"

  • Jessica


  • Will Park

    Search for MobileBoy, the application has apparently been renamed

  • Lakrymist

    its called Mobileboy…………just got my G1 today and this fone friggin rocks !!

  • design

    Forget the iphone, android just got thousands of games added to its library

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