Australian manufacturer making Android handset

LCD monitor manufacturer, Kogan, has decided to make the jump to handhelds and is riding the Android bandwagon to do it. This would be the first company to pump out an Android handset other than HTC, and it’s honestly a bit of a shocker. There have been rumours aplenty about Motorola’s social networking handset, so we were really looking their way to put something out first. There’s something to be said for the little guy putting out an Android phone, though – after all, a big part of Google’s vision is to provide basement developers the tools they need without imposing crippling overhead costs. Details are still sketchy, but a touchscreen and scrollball are both likely, although you probably won’t be seeing a physical keyboard. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS should all come standard as well. Aussies can expect to see this one out before the holiday season for $199.

[Kogan via Android Community]

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