New MacBook and MacBook Pro breaks iPhone Jailbreak – Pwnage Tool pwned by MacBook

The new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops take Apple’s penchant for marrying high-technology with high-style to a whole new level. We won’t get into how cool the solid aluminum casing is, nor how much more productive the huge all-glass trackpad allows us to be – that’s not our niche, so we’ll steer clear. What we do want to talk talk about is the new MacBook and MacBook Pro’s most significant feature that you’ve likely never heard about.

Turns out, Apple’s war against iPhone hackers and the “jailbreak” community has trickled into the company’s laptop lineup. The new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are apparently breaking the iPhone Dev Team’s PwnageTool jailbreak utility.

That’s right, Apple has tweaked the MacBook and MacBook Pro to thwart jailbreaking efforts using the popular Pwnage Tool solution.

iPhone and iPhone 3G users with the new all-aluminum MacBooka and MacBook Pro laptops are reporting that current jailbreak solutions fail to recognize their iPhone in DFU restore mode. Since both Quickpwn and PwnageTool require that the computer recognize the iPhone in DFU restore mode in order to perform the jailbreak procedure, the new laptops are effectively killing the jailbreak option for many Mac users.

Speculation places the blame on some software changes specific to the new MacBook and MacBook Pro that is preventing iTunes and Quickpwn from recognizing the iPhone in DFU restore mode.

The alternative? Go find an older Apple laptop or a Windows machine and jailbreak your iPhone.

If you’ve run into this problem on your new MacBook, leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Barnicle Fiend

    Yup, my new Macbook pro and iphone 3G will not jailbreak together. Error 2001, the iphone is not identified correctly by itunes and will not go into dfu mode.

    Bit of a bitch really, i've not tried downgrading itunes yet but I think they may have thought of that…

  • Will Park

    That's a damn shame. I almost pulled the trigger on a new MBP but now I'm glad I didn't (sorry).

    If you end up downgrading iTunes, please let us know if it works. There is talk about there being a block at the USB-controller level, because Quickpwn (which does not need iTunes) doesn't recognize the iPhone 3G in DFU restore mode either.

  • Markus

    Got the exact same problem here; trying to load a custom FW, but all I get ist the Error 2001.

    Just trying to get around this with VMWare/Windows, maybe that'll work.

  • Will Park

    Damn good idea, Markus!

    I hadn't thought to try out a virtual Windows installation. If VMWare works, then we'll know that the problem is not some sort of hardware-based block but some tweaked software on the new MacBook and MBP. Of course, I could be wrong about how VMWare works inside Mac.

  • Khaled

    I have tried that many times but It didn’t work. I got it working one time but the problem that I got the iPhone no activated, I got a (null) for the carrier!.
    Also I have tried to work on it by using the VMware but the problems that I got both iTunes recognize my iPhone which made a problem to get into the DFU mode.

  • John

    I am using a new MB and did not have any problems when restoring with a custom firmware (2.1) on an already jailbroken iphone 3g running firmware 2.02. I simply restored from a custom file without the phone being in DFU mode.

    The firmware I used in this case did not work properly, however, so I restored to 2.1 through iTunes (no jailbreak). Now, in order to jailbreak I have to restore in DFU mode, and am now getting error 21.

    Basically, I think that it is still possible to use new MB/MBP to upgrade jailbroken firmware on an already unlocked/jailbroken phone, however one cannot do a first time jailbreak using the new machines.

  • Tung

    Some problem. Error 2001, and error 21. I tried VMware, but it still doesn’t work correctly for me. I have itunes 8.0.1 so that may be an issue. I’ve heard that it may be an issue with the usb connection not getting enough power.

  • laz

    nope. error 2001. i have tried just about everything, except downgrading itunes.

    it simply will not recognize the phone in dfu mode. i also tried it on my friends older macbook and it worked with no problem. he also has itunes 8.0.1, so i dont see why downgrading mine would work.

  • areena

    Same thing… on my lovable new MB after 4 hours of trying to restore… Hope solution will be in the future… don't want to stuck with one and only one theme for iphone.. 🙁

  • brucebrendon

    same. (on already JB'd 3G 2.1)

    MB doesn't like and dropped carrier, not impressed.

    HOWEVER, created .ISPW fine and put this onto (non-intel) iMac and ALT click located said new custom .IPSW WITHOUT putting into recovery mode! I'd kept trying in recovery mode, which was messing it up with 'Error…'s

    Sorted. Hope this helps someone.

  • Warren

    Try a cheap usb hub inline with iPhone. I noted a comment on another board about this and tried it. Quickpwn 2.2 with my new 13" Macbook works fine with the hub and not at all without it. I used an unpowered cheap 4-port hub. Not sure why….. but it works!

  • C. Garofani

    Yeah it's happening to me. Tomorrow I'll try pwning it on my roomate's old Macbook Pro and see how it goes – but so far, the only thing that I see that can be preventing the pwnage is the aluminum MBP. Shame

  • Shrini

    I was having same problem. I tried Warren;s suggestion to use a USB hub.. VOILA!!! It works like a champ… Thank you!!!!

  • Ursbru

    This is probably a case of newly designed hardware inside the unibody macbook. Some programs will break if they adress the ports directly…so they have to be rewritten.

  • Marcello

    Hi guys, I just jailbroken and unlocked my iphone 3g 2.2 using the New Macbook aluminium!!!

    After hours and hours, I tryied with the external USB hub (cheap one, anyone!!) and it worked stright away!! fantastic!!!

  • Rita

    So I got really exited about jailbreaking my iPhone 3g, and didn't realize until after hitting the Build button and getting this error message ("An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again. An unknown error has occurred.") that it wouldn't work on the newer macbook models. We do have an older macbook in the house that was purchased back in February 2008 that I've been told it would work on, but I'm wondering if I should redo the whole process from scratch, or do something different since I've already done the whole QuickPwn thing. Any suggestions?

    I was also told that there's a risk of your iphone turning into a brick- is there anything I should be aware of to avoid this? I already updated to the 2.2 firmware and iTunes 8.0.2.

    Thanks for the help guys!

  • fiermai

    hi. this is exactly what happens. quick pwn is about to modify your iphone…and then 80 years later its still getting ready. pretty much this is bull. but no worries i will get around it tomorrow.

    ladies and gentlemen unitl the geniuses of DevTeam fix it for us, the only way is to use a friends mac.


  • thomas

    It's not only in the new macbooks, its in every mac that has mac OS X 10.5.6 update…

  • roger

    Wow… after a couple of hours of frustration and having a "what the fuck" look on my face, I finally did the jailbreak on my iphone 3G… so yeah thanks for all your responses and answers here. It was totally the USB problem… but here's a funny story,

    so I read through all your guys' answers and it seemed it was a USB problem (more like the OSX problem) Anyways, I saw fiermai's link and was like… wow so easy right? But I wanted to try something out. So I'm an avid gamer and I own an Xbox 360 (yes, a clash between apple and microsoft) but hold on! It gets better. So I'm reading on and on and on… and I read that this problem is fixed via a USB hub… and I'm like… USB Hub? Gee, I don't have one of those… and it occured to me. AH HA! So in relation with owning a Xbox 360, I also have Rockband and that's where things got rolling. The connecter for all the instruments IS A USB HUB!… so I used the USB HUB and it worked like a charm…


  • Will Park

    So you used the RockBand guitar as a USB hub? That's geeky-cool!

  • Piet

    Thank you so much for the USB hub tip.

    It didn't make any logical sense, but worked perfectly.

    Thanx a mil guys!

  • chuny

    you guys are all smart. god bless you guys

  • Groponyet

    Yeah , i'm still having this error popping up when i try to jailbreak my Iphone on my new MB, i heard that i need to either downgrade the Iphone's firmware or get a usb hub . can i just jailbreak this damn thing by using a PC ? I could use my bro's PC and see if it works without having to downgrade the firmware !

  • Jacob

    I used the rock band Usb hub also. lol!

  • Adam

    For thise having error 1600 / 1604 etc when you try to restore from custom firmware…

    Instead of using DFU mode – just leave the phone one & restore from the custom firmware.

    Remember to hold down option & click restore – navigate to your PWNEd custom firmware & go. VOILA!

    Hope you spend less time trying to figure it out than I did!

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