Sony Ericsson Whips out the Crystal Ball: 20MP Cameras and HD for Mobile Devices by 2012

As tough as it is to predict what innovations and advancements might take place in the future, there are certainly general trends to follow. In our current global economic troubles, there’s no doubt that many development budgets have been cut in half, or cut completely until things start to turn around.

Sony Ericsson has made some predictions on where things are going. In a document that I’ve posted above, you’ll notice Sony Ericsson is making some bold predictions about the mobile device in 2012. The predictions noted above include:

  • Digital Cameras to go to 12-20 megapixels
  • Video Cameras to have full HD resolution
  • Screen resolutions to go XGA (1024×768)
  • CPU’s to hit 1GHz
  • Internet connections to reach LTE 100+ Mbps

Now wouldn’t all those features be top shelf? A 1GHz processor in my mobile device… Yeah, I could see myself blazing around the internet, downloading way too much music and email… All from wherever I happen to be. Sounds not bad. In fact, if my phone could simply download music to my cerebral cortex, and I could tap on the left side of my head to play, and right side of my head to pause/stop, that would be cool too. Just an idea.

One might want to say to Sony Ericsson that they should perhaps focus on building cooler device in the here and now, but you have to admit… it’s nice to see SE looking forward and not backward. You can’t get to where you want to go without a plan!

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

  • Roger Browne

    The first four predictions are quite conservative. They are almost certainly going to happen.

    The final one is in a different category. It takes years to build out cellular infrastructure. So although 100Mbit/s technology might be in deployment by 2012, there’s no way that access to it will be widespread. Look at how many places still don’t have access to 3G in 2008.

    • In 2008 Sony Ericsson made the following predictions about the phone of the future:
      It would have a 12 to 20 MP still camera, full HD video recorder, XGA (1024*768) screen resolution, a 1 Ghz processor, and a most desireable 100+ Mbps LTE connection.

      It looks like their a little behind schedule if they want to keep up with the competition, some of which has phones almost meeting these specs. The only really tough one is the 100 Mbps which still sounds as far off as it did in 2008.

  • Zak

    I think this article just made me ejaculate 🙂

  • Erik

    This makes me wonder if SE really have a vision. Is it really true that the vision of SE is only about specs? No vision about how people will use their devices?

    Also, the specs make me wonder if they really have common sense.
    In particular, having a good lense and 5MP provides good enough quality for all your holiday photos. In fact 3MP is probably even enough for most purposes. But then 12MP? Do they expect people to take pictures and enlarge them to poster size?

    The screen size may be realistic but also there the question is whether such a high resolution would really provide a better experience on such a small screen then lets say 480 x640.

    Surprised they don’t mention battery life in their ‘vision’ of the future of technical specs.

  • Dada

    no xenon light, no camera shell, no QWERTY keyboard, no normal Call Buttons
    not to me…  

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