iPhone hacker ports Debian Linux OS to T-Mobile G1

Debian ported to T-Mobile G1

Debian ported to T-Mobile G1

Following on news that Google is rolling out a new Android RC30 build to patch up the T-Mobile G1’s Android jailbreak exploit, we’re now hearing that the geek-tastic Linux OS Debian has been ported to the T-Mobile G1 and the Android platform.

The Debian port comes from an unlikely source. iPhone hacker Jay Freeman, known in iPhone hacker circles as saurik (of Cydia fame), has announced that he has successfully ported the Debian OS to the T-Mobile G1. He says that Debian works side-by-side with Android, so you won’t lose any functionality. According to Freeman:

This does not replace Android. This also gives you access to the full plethora of programs available in Debian and let’s you continue using your phone as it was intended to be: as an Android device with all the capabilities thereof.

The Android jailbreak opened the door to full root-access for Android developers looking to take Android apps to the next level. But, with Google’s kill-joy Android RC30 build on its way to thousands of G1 handsets as we speak, it almost seemed like Android developers would have to make do without root-access. Along comes Debian to change the game altogether.

Debian likely isn’t going to be picked up by too many T-Mobile G1 owners out there, but the geekiest of among them will be happy to hear that Debian gives you full control over your G1’s filesystem and allows you to install whatever applications you might want.

If command line work doesn’t make you cringe, head on over to Freeman’s website and read up on how to install Debian to your T-Mobile G1.

[Via: ModMygPhone]

  • Erik Hernandez

    Damn!! i Just updated my G1 to RC30!

  • Lorenzo Luengo

    Does it mean it's a dual boot phone?

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