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  • Paul Beecher

    In your display pictures you only show the brown/bronze color G1 handset. I own both the brown/bronze and the black G1 models. When mentioning the difficulty seeing the qwerty keyboard in dim light, the brown/bronze is difficult to distinguish in the darker lighting. The black G1 has keys that are black with white letters and numerals, making it much easier to view in dim light situations. I've owned the phones for almost 3 weeks now and am very impressed with the phones functions and ease of use. I have owned several brands of phones previously and this is my second brand of smartphone and I'm very pleased with just how user friendly it is. There are third party applications being added daily. T-Mobile, HTC and Google have done a commendable job of resolving issues with updates, 3 already in less than 3 weeks. With it being such a new phone, as with most electronics, I'm sure more issues will arise. I'll be happy as long as the updates keep addressing issues in a timely manor. I would recommend the phone to both business and personal users.