No Mobile phone conversations on the train – please tell me it’s true!

These two are not using their mobiles on the train - must be in the quiet carriage...

These two are not using their mobiles on the train - must be in the quiet carriage...

We’ve all been there – having some inordinate bore tell their friend/family/significant other that they are “on the train” – well done Sherlock, next you’ll be telling us where you are going – oh, you just have…

Well that might be coming to an end soon, since one train company is planning to cover its carriages in a film that blocks mobile phone signals

Travel firm C2C will use the coating in its “quiet” carriages to stop shrill ringtones and loud conversations. C2C runs busy commuter services from Essex into Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street. One carriage in all of its trains is designated a quiet zone, where mobiles, personal stereos and other electronic gadgets are banned and travellers must chat to each other “quietly and with consideration for others”.

Interestingly, whilst these zones exist, people still flaunt the rules – which has prompted the application of the coating, allowing light through Windows, but blocking all wireless signals.

Personally I’d love to see this on all carriages – I appreciate it’s probably not that practical in reality, and there is also the issue of battery life on devices? What? Well, when there is no signal, devices ramp up their power usage to try and pick up the nearest mast – except they won’t find one with the blocking film working.

So perhaps a middle ground of these quiet zones is the way forward – now I’ve just got to wait for my local train operator to cover some carriages – well, that and get their trains running on-time!!!

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