Adobe brings Flash to T-Mobile G1 – Android and Adobe Flash, together at last

While Steve Jobs continues to block Adobe’s efforts to bring Flash capability to the iPhone OS, Google’s Andy Rubin took to the stage at the Adobe MAX developer’s conference to show the world what Flash looks like on the T-Mobile G1. During the keynote, Rubin and Adobe’s Kevin Lynch showed off the fruits of Google and Adobe’s collaboration. Running on the Google Android OS, the T-Mobile G1 was used to demonstrate that a full-HTML web browsing experience just isn’t complete without a Flash integration.

“We are excited to be working alongside Adobe to bring Flash technology to Android,” said Andy Rubin, director of mobile platforms at Google. “Adobe Flash is crucial to a rich Internet and content experience on mobile devices and we are thrilled that Google will be one of the first companies along with the Open Handset Alliance to bring Flash technology to the smartphone market.”

With Flash Lite bringing Adobe’s Flash technology to Symbian, Windows Mobile, and now Android smartphones, the iPhone OS has been singled out as the only smartphone to boast a full-HTML browser that lacks the ability to support Flash-based content.

Adobe announced that their new Flash 10 offering would speed up Flash performance on Mac computers, and it has been speculated that the move to optimize the Flash experience in the Mac space was largely motivated by Adobe’s desire to get in good with Steve Jobs. For what it’s worth, Flash on the Android platform and iPhone-competing T-Mobile G1 might just spur Jobs to allow Adobe to develop a Flash solution for the iPhone.

  • Magnum Steele

    How do I get it onto my G1. Google isn’t really clear about how to update our phones. Also they are extremely tight about access to files and folders with the G1. It doesn’t feel very open, instead it feels very controlled. If I see a page or words online I can’t save it or download it or copy and paste into a doc online even. G1 needs some major software improvement and attention by the developers or it will flop, just like the newton, crash and burn.

  • luizadyali

    I am also wondering the same thing and please do make things clearer I am also frustrated with this

  • jason

    It will be sent via a firmware upgrade. No need to download anything. You own a smart phone, but do not seem too smart! Jk

    Log on to:

    They keep me updated with a lot going on on the g1

  • Zenchaos

    Magnum Steele, you can copy and paste words or entire paragraphs on the G1. Take a little time to learn what you paid for, there’s plenty of tips out here on the net about your G1.

    As for Adobe Flash 10, don’t worry you’ll wake up one morning and it’ll be updated on your phone, bad thing is, you still won’t know what to do with it…

    • Adam Lewis

      LOL!!! Gees! It seems that most people who own The HTC Generation 1 get it only to make themselves…SEEM more tech savvy or to be trendy….well, this isn’t a fashion statyement and the phone is NOT a tool of fashion sense….it’s a damned smart phone….to note…to select text, open your browser, once it loads hit the menu button then hit more, select “Select Text” and then put your curser where you want to begin…..I know how to save embedded pics, docs, text and rip youtube vids directly to my 2 gig mini SD….That’s Static-Dynamic for you…”smart-phone savvy folks……do you know the difference between bits, byes, megabytes, gigs and terebytes? How about the next thing in size….MEGA terabytes?!!!!! HMMMMM!

  • kelly

    Somethin should be done ASAP, we need the flash reader so we knw what we paid for is worth it but for now I think it is not

  • tony

    When is this update going to happen? Is it gonna notify me? I don’t need smart ass comments if you have some good answers let me know

  • rob

    Welll first of all like jason said the adobe flash updat will be sent via firmware update. And if you are unsure what that means its when a carrier sends an update over the network directly to us paying customers. Now for the people who are already complaining about the phone if you don’t like it then take it back but if you want to be capable of doing anything you want on your phone then keep it. Personally I’m keeping for while until something uterly amazing comes out and blows me away. Another thing the dam phone just come out some of you people are so dam impatient it sickens me. If you can’t wait then go get an ipod that you can call people on (iphone). I prefer the mini laptop ( G1).

  • Pat

    I just can’t wait for the update. It’s going to be amazing. The phone is already great, but after this it will be incredible 🙂

  • Micah

    What do I need to do to get Adobe Flash Player?

  • Dwight

    I appreciate all the usefull info that people have been posting. Myself along others are anxious to see the flash player on our g1. The g1 is new, and I understand that there are a few bugs that they still have to work on. On the other hand I do not appreciate the crap that ignorant SOB n@#@!rs killers posted on this site. I am surprise the owners of the website did not filter such non sense out. I would say certain things but on like you I have respect for myself and others.

  • oil2666

    ha ha n k u r just mad cause i had my g1 when it came out and i love the phone.
    p.s i married a white girl.

  • Neno

    Yes i am from florida and i read ALOT and when it needs to update it ask when you turn it on or while you use it and if you click yes it will if no it will ask another time but the update wont come out yet because apple has a complaint about the flash contract they made for the iphone 3g. it states “if by any means another operating system will flash be necessible continue with apple inc before proceding” basicly it means they cant give out flash till iphone has it and adobe has signed it not knowing.


    Tony…can you read? if yes, then you would already have the answer to your question…the phone will update itself…yes it will let you know just like a computer lets you know you have updates…If you dont know how to use the technology why did you buy such an advanced phone…lol

  • sexydbargirl

    What the f*** is up with the racist dumb ass? Nothing better to do with your time? Get a life or better, why don’t you just end yours. Miserable hating ass sorry excuse for a person…you should just die.

  • wally

    What the fuck is wrong with this g fuckin 1 ….!! No video recorder and no adobe flash player and youtube videos are unclear … its 2008 they need to upgrade more and get an excitin phone not makin customers spend money for shit

    • g1 rocker

      There are free apps for video recording..

  • Dawayne

    Wow, i cant believe your complaining about “paying” for something you did NO research on prior to spending the money on it. WOW!! Like the no video recording and adobe flash not being available was a secret come on people. Hang in there it will catch up with YOU. lol

  • zeonike

    Does anyone know when they will update our phones? Thank you.

  • riplos

    I’m actully writing this on my g1 right now I think this is a great phone and this update will be a very exciting thing for me and as for the video thing who really cares

  • jeanne

    how do i get adobe flash player to download?? helppp me please someone… when i go on myspace i cant even listen to my music =(

  • tubsss

    I too am writing this on my G1. This phone is everything I could ever ask for and I’m very pleased. I’m very excited for the update and can’t wait to have full access to the web browsing experience with the addition of the Adobe Flash player.

  • jay

    Not having video recording is no big deal, how many times do you actually use the video recording on the phone. I bought this phone is mainly because of the Android OS and its open source for developers.

  • MsTamara

    How do I copy and paste from web pages?

  • Chris

    Hey guys I really do appreciate the the information you guys have given me about my g1 . And I will be praying for the racist person, who we all seem to assume is a guy, and all who post or will post on here but everyone don’t curse at him or say he should die. He still is on this earth so he has a purpose for being here and he still has a soul. And he needs to be delivered and changed from thinking that way and living that way. Make it a Blessed day and life guys. P.S.- Try not to offend people with your comments espcially purposely. Most if not all of us are adults so let’s not act but live that way. I Love you all and remember GOD loves us most.

  • Chris

    Continued…And to all who are keep it CHRISTian. Strive for perfection. “…Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in CHRIST JESUS. All of us who are mature should take a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that tooGod will make clear to you.” Philippians 3:13-15

  • Joe

    Hey lets stop hating and preaching, this is a blog page. All we want to know is WHEN Adobe is going to give us the privliage to enjoy looking at the PDF files that are posted all over the internet. If you want to preach goto church, if you hate a race of people goto a Klan rally. Goodbye

  • passionofchicago

    U know what g1 is great it …..but with flah player it will be super..and I wish its coming soon………

  • blank man

    This was the funniest web page I ever took the time to read…

  • wtfsauce

    So umm.. does anyone know when this updated suppose to happen?

  • Paul

    Y’all guys are very funny. This is the advice BE PATIENT!!

  • germy

    Lol this truly was a halarious blogsite! I’m on my g1 now too, I traded in my samsung behold in less than 24 hours to get my hands on this badboy and like the rest of you I’m dyin to get the adobe update… here I come! P.s. can you all believe all these android apps are FREE?!

  • cjconttrolshvacwithg1

    I need this update badly. Funny thing is that the sale rep that sold me a g1 said that it would have adobe flash player on the phone integrated into the browser. Funny anything for a sale. Another thing is that they said it would tether easy so that I could use it on my computer. Nope that is very crude because I had to go through like 30 pain stakeingly steps and mistakes before I got it to work on my laptop. The phone for browsing is ahhhh I can’t upload and files and attachments for email…….. This is sucking. I paid tooooooo much to not get what I paid for. TMobile you suck!

    By The Way I Want the FLASH player and then you won’t suck as bad….. lol

  • Angelina

    LOL this was a very interesting read. I searched this page out to find out about the adobe update. Very exciting! I am also writing from my G1 which is my first smartphone. I love it! I learn something new about it everyday. I don’t think I will ever go back to a regular phone! Can’t wait for flash its gonna be amazing

  • moezer

    Listen everyone…rumor has it that the update would take effect on jan 26th. On this day you would wake up and have a message stating…firmware update or something like that. Anyway, this is the day adobe and tmobile are going to update the g1 phone with adobe flash player and….maybee a video reorder….hmmm. google release od flash player for t mobile g1.

    You’ll see.

    Now……noooooo moooorrrreeeeee…….wondereing!!!!

    Thank you…..come again.

  • jose

    I’m really horny all the time…..oh but hopefully this flash player comes out soon…we need video recording asap…oh and I think they need to upgrade on the incoming picture messaging because we can’t even save the pictures…who agrees with me?

  • tj

    you can save incoming picture messaging if you get save sms application from marketplace i believe

  • exzaktone

    I was wondering if the G1 would be able to support more than just single touch on the screen???????

  • exzaktone

    oh and how come i cant upload files to the net from my G1??????

  • jose

    Thanx tj..ill try it..a u guys is it true that u can get internet on a lap top for free by stealing signal from the g1…its a rumor I heard..

  • ilikeimportordomesticwomenandmyg1

    exzaktone says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    I was wondering if the G1 would be able to support more than just single touch on the screen???????

    try going to a site, double tap the screen…. it should at least center the text. so it not only supports double touch, but does in fact use it. give it time (one must understand, apple has the market cornered as far as fluidity of touch.. what i want is an app that allows the fluid movement present in the iphone/ipod. if anyone knows of one please post a comment. oh and zoom capabilities like the iphone (where you pinch the screen to zoom)

  • jose

    who knows a good web site to down load spanish…

  • jose

    So yeah! Who’s exited for this update on the g1

  • Roscoe

    I like the G1 I think it is T-mobiles best phone yet I think people should stop jocking them the update will be here when it gets here y’all complaining for nothing

  • uh rob

    I think that your all just excited to watch porn when the upgrade comes out. Just my thoughts. Oh and uh the G1 rather kicks ass so idk whay anybodys complaining…I mean really

  • Sharmine

    You guys could download the “steel” browser while waiting for the flash reader… I couldnt play/see alot of things on the default browser but I could do everything on steel.. try it.. if it doesnt work for u or you dont like it, you could just unistall it.

  • jose

    Who knows a. Free porn site for the g1

  • Android Queen

    Thank you all so much for clearing up the whole adobe flash player thing. I have been going crazy for a week, first trying to figure out how to download it. Then figured out you can’t, so I spent a bunch of time trying to contact adobe, google and tmobile to see if there were any plans for this feature. At least I know it will be cxoming to my g1 soon and can finally stop searching! I love this phone, the people who do not like it are the ones who didn’t do research, knew nothing about the phone and expected way too much from it. It is still new, the bugs will be fixed. It is an amazing phone. I love the isafe app, was awesome on halloween when I had my kids with me!

  • jose

    Is there a way that I can get internet on my ps3 for free through the g1?

  • sergio

    I really doubt it, but it’ll be great

  • eyvin

    I was wondering if was it possible to get adobe into my g1 . I think the phone is really cool and just need the update. I like my g1 more that my iphone is easier to use I can’t understand why people complains so much you guys should stop barking you got an smart phone just give yourself some time to learn how to use it !!!!! Don’t be dramatric and be pasient

  • nick

    I heard with the update it suppose to have a on screen leyboard and lots of other upgrades to not just the flash

  • william

    I love my g1 just got it a few days ago. But have been reseaching it way before the dream g1 came out. It does everything I was told it would do and nothing more, atleast not yet. The new update is rumored to contain the following: video recording, flash player, stereo bluetooth headset support ( for those of you like me that own a motorola s9 headset or equivalent), the abbilt to save pictures,video,and audio in sms without an app download, on screen key board like the dialer fuction for quick texting without flipping it open, ability to do object pushing via bluetooth. And last but not least ability to download directly from instead of just streaming the files. I think that’s about it if there is more please post I would like to know. I love my g1 thanks guys for all the input this is a great blogsite.

  • Frankº

    Hey , I just got this phone 3 days ago. Its the best phone besides the iphone. all the games and applications are Free but I still want Flash Player

  • jedi

    I just ported my my phone from verizon because my blackberry storm had horrible reception and browser was way slow. My g1 is much better in both categories,but still can’t play any video other than youtube(which google owns) also talked with t-mobile rep today who said that she had no idea when a video recorder or player would be available,but that it was coming (been hearing same thing for months now) I almost feel like it is all hype & their saving it for a new model like maybe a g2. Any comments or advice on this………frustrated!!!!

  • jose

    When the fuck is this fucken upgrade gonna come out…

  • passionofchicago

    Google or android guys..what,s up with the flash player…comeooooooooooooon is it ajok or what………

  • susie

    What an interesting array of comments.
    I too came here, from my G1, looking for the flash player. It seemed that when I received my G1 it did play youtube’s but now it says I have Java turned off (which I don’t) and need Adobe flash. Guess I don’t understand what happened and why they won’t play anymore. Apparently I need to be patient and wait.
    I think this phone is SO cool. Those who don’t have it are slobbering to get it. Be proud, be awesome, flaunt your G1 as often as possible! 🙂

  • Rob

    Aww man I just can’t wait for this thing. I wonder why it is taking so long, I mean if its not completely ready then just give us a beta or somethin.

  • Pat

    At least give us a date or an estimation, what’s up with all the secrecy? Just give us a nice website updating us on what’s going on with it and when it will or might be ready. I’m also writing this from my g1. Like most people I love my g1. I researched it before I bought it and knew it didn’t have flash yet and didn’t have a video player so you won’t hear me singing the blues over it. I’ll just hang out and wait, the update will be out sooner or later. I’m hoping for sooner. lol

  • Pat

    oh btw I just wanted to ask the person that posted that we’d have the update on Jan. 26th what happened? lmao I knew it was untrue I just couldn’t wait to log back on here after the 26th and break balls about that comment cuz I knew it wouldn’t be out then and that person was full of it.

  • rudat

    The G1 is hands down the best phone out right now. I’m actually writing this on my g1. If you can’t wait for the UPDATE also known as rc35 or CUPCAKE then I would suggest but then again wouldn’t becsuse there IS a possibility of bricking ur g1, to ROOT your g1. Google it an u will see that this phone can do a lot than what it was made to do. U can actually put Linux’s OS on top of this phone! Just google how to root your G1 an u will find a lot of forums on how to get cupcake an other wanted applications on ur g1


  • critterwyatt

    I love the internet, it brings a good variety of people together. This is from my g1, can’t wait for cupcake! Twas a good read, thanks guys 🙂

  • djshy

    26th of jan has gone n there ain’t been no firmware update as yet…. does any1 no of any flash programs out for g1… …phone desperetly.missing flash.

  • johnny

    i got the g1 in feb so does that mean i missed the update

  • worm

    Hey everyone, I’m lucky G1 owner and i’m on AT&T. Was wondering if you t-mobile guys
    got adobe flash update pushed to your G1?

  • cbbear

    hey everyone, I just got my G1 the other day. I was wondering since there isn’t any more comments on here about the flash player in a while did they already update the flash player?

  • passionofchicago

    Wtf…wher is the flash player…..commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmonnnnnn

  • joe

    Everyone who seemed to know what they were talking about…!!!
    Do any of you actually have the update???
    If so how long did it take???

  • lee

    Before u buy a SMART PHONE they requier by law a IQ test……

  • Roy

    Fellow Tmobile G1 owners; I too am upset about a flash player. I contacted htc and spoke with a tech. I was told Tmobile asked to handle the software for their G1. Other carriers allow the apps to be downloaded. I will continue to “gripe” at Tmobile every chance I get. I believe if enough of us do this it may speed things up. Its like owning 500hp challenger with a wooden block under the gas pedal; looks and sounds good, but where’s the go? Peace and patients are running low…

  • cipher

    Peace. The phon isda best I’ve dealt w/. There r multiple apps out ther2 install 4free & ifu kno givit time, u getit run’n perfect. It multi-tasks perfectly w/ task switcher app that can b found inda markt. The OS was the only reasn I got this phon istead of somthin else. I kno ppl w/ iphons that prefer2 use mine, lol. Peace.

  • abel

    So any news on this update or what?

  • CJ

    yea there is a way to get internet on your ps3 thru your G1…using the tether application to get internet on your computer, turn on internet connection sharing (ICS) on your computer and hook up your ps3 to your computer using an ethernet cable…should work. anyone feel free to correct me if im wrong…

  • marcus

    This phone is amazeing like seriously its a bit diffrent 2 me since I’m upgradeing 4rm a sidekick Lx but overall no complaints …. ps come on people let’s b grown about the situation and let’s b civilized n talk about the phone not your personal lifes n how u feel about some1 elses comment… ps if ur a hot chick send me a email wit some info bout urself .. not a player jus wanna meet new ppl

  • Jamie

    well its the 8/3/2009 and theres still no flash update ..what the fucks goin on ?

  • gigie

    I have been looking for adobe flash player for ages to add to my phone that’s actually how I came a cross this website. Anyways while reading some of the post I noticed that someone mentioned that this feature should be available on the phone by the end of january it is now mid march and it is still not available. I’m getting really frustrated…

  • pinseeker

    It’s all politics. By the way, if you own a smartphone, why don’t you people type correctly instead of acting like you’re illiterate. It’s not cool to be stupid.

  • ctop

    I really need that adobe like now . Its almost april .

  • Alain

    Everone is frustrated, trust me, even I am. But it abviously will take some time. Yet I still don’t understand how we can watch youtube videos ( which is FLASH ) and other videos like porn (just an example) lol. I’m typing on my G1 RIGHT NOW, and this is my first best smart phone and also to other customers, so we can’t argue that they didn’t do a good job.

    My advice is, contact T-mobile ask some questions, updates and stuff and I guess we’ll have to be patient!

    PS. I’m a high school student

  • ab007

    Does anyone know why my Samsung SBH700 Bluetooth Headphone does not play music from my TMobile G1? Please let me know how I can fix this if at all that is possible. I bought it because several review says it is very compatible with the G1 phone. But now I cannot listen to music, my primary reason for buying it, only make and receive calls.


  • sharon

    I got my G1 last month and I love it. I too want a flash player but I will patiently wait until they are ready to release it. Good things come to those who wait and wait patiently. But for now, I am enjoying all the great apps and games that’s on the G1.

  • Jenks

    @ab007 the g1 doesnt support stereo bluetooth yet the next update will dish that out

  • vannessa

    How do I get the adobe flash player for my G1

  • paul

    I’m also typing this on my great g1 phone. :^) Was just wondering, every time I’ve seen the g1 advertised on the net, it is reffered 2 as “unlocked”. What exactly does this mean? And I agree with some others. Adobe and T-mobile alike are dangling a carrot in front of G1 owners. (Just an analogy). As pleased as I am with this phone, there needs 2 be a solid time period these dudes can tell us when this flash application will be released. Otherwise, they’ve decided to play keep-away with their devoted customers. Deuces!!!

  • steve

    I think at least half of the people here need to reconsider the topic and purpose of this site. It’s about the phone! Bash each other somewhere else.
    As for the phone…if the absence of flash player makes the phone a waste of money, forget it. You won’t find one that does. The G1 is not just here for flash. Think about the tons of apps. The ability to use GPS with google maps. The full keyboard AND touch screen. Those are the things that make the G1 awesome.
    If you are just looking for flash…use a laptop.

  • Jay

    So as for the recording video on your g1 there is a app on the market place to do just that as for the adobe I have no clue but if I find it I will post it here and for every one who dose not like the g1 then get a black berry flip lol cuz you have no clue what a good phone is the g1 is a next gen. Smart phone and as programers get a hold of them they will only get better but rome was not bilt in a day the g1 is the best phone on the market because of its android os as time goes by more and more will come out and the ice burg effict will be realised (over 90% is under the water were most people will not see) so if you have one just sit back and enjoy all the grate things that come out

  • JoryBush

    love my G1. cant wait

  • simon

    I wait flash for g1 now is 5 month now update anythink.
    Please tell me how to use flash on g1 if some one know.

    From kok samui thailand

  • tajuana212

    Lol. I agree w/u, this is the funniest web site. One thing I learned is that patience is a virtue! This flash player is making people lose their damn mind. Lol I’m not computer literate @ all and I wish I had the flash player on it, but I’m not going 2 die because it is not up there yet. They say it is coming and that is good enough 4 me. I love this phone and I enjoy doing the research 2 find out all my phone does. I only wish my battery didn’t die so quick, but still and all, i’d choose this phone over ALL others any day.

  • lonnie

    Is adobe ready or what sob?????????

  • ratfinkd1

    The G1 is a awesome tool. To all the people who bought the smartphone without knowing anything about it or how to use it. HA! End user listen to your music if you can figure out how to load it on and answer that call coming in. Hey Chris cram your GOD talk in your a$$ this is a technology forum we want to hear that crap about as much as we want to hear some dumba$$ spout racist crap he heard when his daddy was bangin him.

  • los

    Well no adobe player yet then I don’t know when I’m finally gonna watch videos other than the youtube site I really need this app and asap this phone is great all it need is a flash player and its good to go

  • martin

    its now May and still no flash for the G1. this thread started 5 months ago. in this day and age we should not have to wait for an app that should have been incorporated in release 1. i am giving my G1 back and getting a REAL, supported smart phone, not a half baked idea that is way cool but years behind. foreget your egos, just look at the service you get.

  • Chris

    we need a flash player or something, cause when ppl send me pic messages, the pic they send me has movement on there phone, but when it gets to my g1 it has no movement! what’s the deal on that? this phone is nice, but ya’ll need to hurry up and step ya’ll game up with this g1, if every1 else can have moving pics on theirs, then i want the same thing for my g1……….


    This phone is awesome. And so am I.

  • Tom

    Are you sure you own a G1? I can access all the files on my phone exepct the OS. Have you tried downloading a file browser such as discover?

  • Magix66

    Will it ever happen…???
    Everyone has been talking rampid about Adobe Flash coming to
    the T-Mobile G1 since Novenber 2008, now (8 months later) it
    still has not happened!
    So why not I wonder? With the Beta version on Youtube running
    since November 2008 why has it not hit the market?
    I guess I’ll continue to wait, maybe I’ll check back in a few
    years to see if they got it figured out…

  • nicole

    i finally got the cupcake update i was tired of waiting @ ppl saying its going to be out in a day or two so got it yesterday haha. but wht about this freaken flash player 10?

  • waiting & bored

    I agree with magix666. I’ll check in a couple of years. Lol.
    But I NEED this update already. The phone is getting boring!

  • brenda

    It been almost five months but no flash player,when will we get our flash player.

  • leo86

    Ahh man this web site is hilarious…and you guys are so damn ungrateful! This G1 is the shit!!!! Compare it other phones such as the iphone….it makes u think “Wow, this was a good decision to purchase this phone!” =)

  • maria

    When are we getting the adobe flash player ont the g1

    • xavier

      Yes maria I have ask myself that question a million tomes.

  • mikester

    Hey I know the g1 has got good potential but I personaly think that the majority of apps
    Available are quite poor Compared to some other iphones and more of a novalty than a use. I’M SCREAMING OUT FOR THIS FLASHPLAYER too as I can’t watch any porn on my phone which is quite annoying or maybe I’m just being pervy , who cares ? I recently got the g1 and I don’t know any1 else that has 1 or a gmail acc. So any sheexy females wanna email me then my addy is or gmail whatever u pref I’m not fussy
    As for the racist and smart ass bloggers on the page GET A GRIP your all getting worked up over an application for a phone (((((PETTY)))))). And for the smartarses out there its only easy if you know the answers or the soloution.

    Back 2 the ladies

  • sage

    Haha what a good read. I love the g1 its f’n awesome. And I feel bad for all you people who think you got jipped, maybe you should have waited for the car toys tent sale I got mine for freeeeeeeee

  • coolbear

    I know we are all waiting for the flash player. But why doesn’t the g1 not have a media player at all. Even the youtube freezes up a lot and doesn’t respond to anything else. Before I got the G1 I had a wing and it has a media player on it even though it don’t have or need flash player. Don’t get me wrong I love the g1 because I can go to actual websites. But why not have a media player?

  • that random bam

    What seems to be boggleing my noodle they have left a huge gap between cookie 1.5 and doughnut 2.0 and 2.0 is suposed to have everythin but the sink. WHEN DO WE GET IT!!! Can’t even access with out adobe 10 mobile. Which we were suposed to have months ago. Anyone have a spair micro usb head set unit for the g1 the dog ate mine hehehe

    • mikeyj8014716522

      if you need an extra headset adapter the best bet is to get small device insurance (asurion is good) for if that dog gets it again and get a new one. i have connections. contact me for when you want to get a new headset adapter. and thanx for not being slanderous on your post. to many others are ruining this forum.

  • kenichi

    I made big mistake getting this phone!!!!!!!!!! Piece of crap ,,,can’t listen to my music downloads in my bose sound system in my truck ,,,,have to have a I phone to make life easy!!!! Frustrating when you have a g1 and can’t watch movies and listen to music without all this fucking hassle , =0 downloads are a pain g1 and android need to hire a more creative team!!! People like convinience like make our lives easier or you will lose a lot of costomers!!!!! I already have people telling me to get rid of this piece of shit!!!

    • manu

      Come on people what you want? Easier life?… may be you would like a hose from the refrigerator to your estomach and sleep on a toilet so you don’t have to walk to the restroom. What a lasyness

  • unknown

    Wait…. u have a ps3? Sell it. Fast. I do tech support for the ps3. I would NEVER own a ps3.

  • donna

    Peace everyone make love not war. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  • Jeff

    People come to forums like this when they need answers and not ridicule.

  • Gil

    Still no flash player.. what is the deal?. I hate when I check my email and can not check a web site.because I have no flash player. anyone have step by step tips on teathering my g1 to the laptop?

  • manu

    I think the most inportant part of this phone is the operating system, at least that’s what interested me about the phone ignorant people should buy an mp3 player if all what they want is watch videos. The only 3 phones that draw my attention are: the iphone, the palm pre, and the g1 wich is the one I pick after I had research all of them. Its simply the most like having a mini pc with you every where and… that’s amazing, the updates wil come and thas the great thing about this phone you go to sleep and. Ups in the morning your phone let’s you know its geting even beter. Try to do that with an iphone!!


      I think that’s B.S tha I phone has way more apps a great flash player, and a way better camera and no disrespect but I own a g1 and my plp’s got a iphone wat makes it bad he got tha I phone that they first bought out and his phone does way more than wat a g1 can possilbly due and like young jeezy say I PUT DAT ON EVRYTHING

      • Kee

        I know that I already posted but this is what I’m talking about. Do you think that spelling words incorrectly makes you seem cool? Do you think it makes you hood? Gives you street cred? Sorry, but no. All this does is further the notion that people who listen to rap and hip hop are ignorant and uneducated. Which in turn furthers the notion that minorities (which is incidentally the largest part of the hip hop community) are ignorant and uneducated. Please don’t take the words of this ignorant prick to represent my generation or the hip hop community. The real hip hop heads actually have a great understanding and appreciation for words and our language. Rap is after all poetry and art formed by words. I hate seeing this type of shit because you’re ruining it for the rest of us! Please. I know you know better. Represent what we really are. The people who talk like dc shawty and (even worse) write like him are usually fake. I guarantee dc shawty is a suburban kid who was raised upper middle class. That’s why he tries so hard to seem “hood” or “gutter”. The people who come from that life usually aren’t that proud of it.

  • mikeyj8014716522

    All you effing noobs who can’t think clearly enough to use feasable english words when refering to your inability to be patient for something no other phone has yet (the aclaimed update) should just quit posting for a while. All those that choose to use foul language as aposed to real words and imaturaty as aposed to sensability when posting ANYTHING should just stop posting alltogether. Really. I didn’t think I would find a post on a respectable website with drivle and slander from mature (aka not elementary in physical age) people. the racist comments are already reported. I have many good friends of various races and your racist comments are deplorably imature. also to those that use suicide in your posts… you ought to be EFFING ashamed! i lost 2 good friends to suicide and I almost lost a close family member to the same. Jokeing about it in any manner is NOT tollerable on ANY level. I will see too it that you racist, slandering, immature posters are banned unless you cleanup. this is an information forum not your myspace page. i also am posting from my g1 using opera mini. i love my phone for the things it does to my liking but have high hopes for the future in its network rendered updates. slanting or slandering the g1 because you chose not to be informed and educated on how it works and how it is used is wrong. make informed and rightful posts about these sort of things such as you have refused to do.

  • mikeyj8014716522

    also know. there is an item on the g1 market for adobe flash player. it isnt free ($5.99 ish). so if you want to be impatient buy it.

  • mamafirefly

    If anyone took the time to go threw all the applications on your “market” you can install for FREE a video recorder. Take some time to appreciate all the useful free apps they have in their

  • Kee

    First, let me say that this phone is ridiculous! It’s everything I expected and hoped for. Like every other g1 owner, I’m also going nuts waiting for this flash upgrade not just for porn but also for sites like I’m not saying anything here that anyone else hasn’t already said. So let me say something that nobody else seems to have noticed. Is it just me or are there way too many illiterate people in this world? You guys, come on! I assume most of you are adults so it scares me that some of you can’t spell everyday words that you use in normal day to day conversation! And this phone has a decent spell check! Good god!

  • franco

    Look the g1 isn’t wat I thought it was cut out to b it can’t do shit

  • robin johnson

    I have done some snooping. @ and found some very interesting news you can registernow the good part its free after you do the enter in to the search box android gi 10.1 it will take you to a lab department where you can leave your email adress and they will down load the flash player for you just fallow the green promps on the screen one will be pre bata and the other will be bate the bate will ask you to push the larger green sut up button only they do not give a release date I hope this helps and maybe some one can set up an easyer way to got people registerd for the site later and have fun kant wait

  • ReLL

    So if we have A T-Mobile G1 already will we be able to download this Adobe Flash player??

  • Jery

    I’m still looking for the flash download for the G1. Where do I find it? After spending hours what went wrong, I realized that the flashplayer option hadn’t been considered for the first models. Now that the 2nd model is out, you’d expect that bug to be fixed with the intro to the latest. When? People when?

  • andy

    Adobe’s flashplayer 10 for the android is a FAIL. 2010 in 5 days and its still not out… almost a year after all your comments… HURRY UP WITH THE FIRMWARE UPDATE AND OUR FLASH!

  • choices

    what the hell its still dont work lol…..

  • MLKjr

    I came to this site for help, for information about the Adobe Flash Player download. What I’ve fofound is just unbelievable. Those of you that are calling names, getting racial in your comments or are just being mean to one another should ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

    Are you kidding me? There’s no room here or anywhere else for this kind of behavior. If you can’t be nice, be helpful and PATIENT, then don’t write anything. Remember that whatever info you offer here then turns into a slam on someone else makes you look like ignorant person.

    Try no matter how hard it may be for all of you… walk in the shoes of a kind person for a day. You might really like it.

  • K. Dee

    I really don’t think that FLASH will happen for the G1. Two reason, number one is the hardware of the phone, #2 G2 phone is rolling out next month Oct 6th and it will have the Adobe FLASH and Read already installed. This will somewhat force users to buy the new phone if they want this feature and also the 4G speed!

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