Google Sync Now Works with BlackBerry Contacts

Google Sync was launched awhile back as an app which paired up your Google Calendar with your BlackBerry’s Calendar. Combined with a robust GMail app, it made for a pretty sweet deal overall. Now Google Sync has extended to include wireless contact synchronization. My, that would make it awfully easy to get your contacts onto an Android G1, now wouldn’t it? Still, this is a great backup utility, especially for those who live and die by GMail anyway. Even small to medium businesses who rely on Google services and can’t afford a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, this is a huge help. To get started, go ahead to on your BlackBerry browser and download the all-in-one Google Application for BlackBerry – it includes a very handy search bar as well as maps, GMail, Google Sync, and more.

[Google Mobile Blog via BerryReview]

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