Apple’s iPhone App Store gaining traction, sees more than 2 million downloads per day!

The iPhone software distribution model, is burning up the intertubes with more than 2 million application downloads every day. According to a recent analysis by CNBC‘s Jim Goldman, Apple is seeings demand for its iPhone and iPod Touch applications actually increasing, despite pundits that have suggested that initial Apple App Store demand was merely a bubble that would eventually burst.

To the contrary, demand for iPhone and iPod Touch apps has seemingly increased. Apple hasn’t officially quoted recent figures for the App Store, but an Apple advertisement claims 300 million downloads since the application store’s inception earlier this year. Discounting the 200 millionth application download that was announced on October 22, Apple has since seen more than 100 million application downloads. That puts iPhone and iPod Touch application demand at a healthy 2+ million downloads per day.

Indeed, the numbers seem to indicate that Apple is blazing a path to a lucrative market. As iPhone users continue to download premium applications, Apple will see its residual iPhone income increase. “It’s unbelievable,” says Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. “It’s a differentiator. We think in ’09, it’s going to be a $1 billion market place and Apple will probably take about 30 percent of that. There’s virtually no operating expense for them. They just approve the apps.”

And, with over 10,000 applications now available in the AppStore, Apple has the most robust and integrated software and media delivery platform in the mobile space. One more reason for one-the-fence consumers to pull the trigger on the iPhone or iPhone 3G.

[Via: CNBC]

  • Manish

    Apple is seriously amazing! 2 mil downloads a day :0

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