How To Save YouTube Videos to Your T-Mobile G1

The boys over at AndroidTapp have posted a great little tidbit of info for G1 users. Ever wanted to save a YouTube video to an SD card in your G1? Now you can… and it turns out that the process is fairly easy. Simply follow these steps provided by the AndroidTapp crew:

  1. Search for the video you want. In the video below, I choose “The Transporter 3 movie trailer”
  2. Tapp the YouTube link, by default the G1 will prompt 2 options: Browser or YouTube. Chose “Browser”. The reason, to get the YouTube link.
  3. Tapp “Menu” + “Go to URL”, the YouTube URL should appear
  4. Press on the keyboard “Menu” + “C” to Copy on the G1
  5. Go to
  6. In the search field press on the keyboard “Menu” + “V” to Paste on the G1, hit Enter
  7. Slide down and Tapp “›› Download ‹‹ (video.mp4 – High Quality)“. This will open a new window and download the MP4 in your browser history. Disregard the .FLV version as the G1 can’t do Flash Video… yet. (Alternatively, it’s saved on your SD Card under “downloads” folder)

Note: Notice the whole copy/paste thing? Ohhhhh Apple, please bring this feature to the next iteration of the iPhone… I’d upgrade to the new feature for that alone!

[Via: AndroidTapp]


    Thanks guys for spreading the word with the vid 😉

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