Speck QwickDraw iPhone case helps you answer that call faster

Here’s an interesting case for both the original and the iPhone 3G. The so called QwickDraw case is made by Speck and thanks to the so called “Qwick Latch” technology and holster-style look and feel, it enables users to quickly draw their beloved handsets.

The official pitch goes like this:

Featuring a sleek, unassuming design, QwickDraw’s soft, lined snug-fit cradle securely holds your phone without scratching or scuffing. The versatile rotating belt clip allows for a full range of horizontal or vertical positions on a waistband or belt and offers fast, easy access and removal of the phone via the Qwick Latch feature. The case comes in black and has a textured surface with stitching details. The QwickDraw fits both iPhone 3G and the original iPhone and is available now for $29.99.

Want it? The Speck QwickDraw case could be yours for 30 bucks and you can grab it from here. Alternatively, you may want to buy it for special someone, as it certainly looks like a neat gift.

[Via: Coolest-Gadgets]

  • John

    IMHO that’s just asking for a broken screen… Also, if you need to have a phone holster because your pockets just aren’t cutting it, please do at least try to not be a douche about it. 🙂 mkay? thanks.

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