Egyptian iPhone 3Gs Get GPS Too – GPS Unlock for Egyptian iPhone 3G

Citing national security concerncs, Egypt required that Apple cripple the iPhone 3G’s GPS feature in order to sell the handset in Egypt. Turns out, Egyptian iPhone 3Gs still pack GPS hardware within, just waiting for someone to bring it back to life.

Hakint0sh forums are ablaze with Egyptian iPhone 3G users confirming that they’ve managed to get GPS functionality up and running in Egypt. The hack requires that the iPhone 3G is jailbroken, but apparently isn’t all that hard to accomplish.

It seems that Apple is cripples the iPhone 3G’s GPS hardware when it detects an iPhone-activation in Egypt. The GPS-enabling patch works with iPhone 2.2 OS and is confirmed to allow full GPS functionality. Future iPhone OS updates will likely break this GPS exploit.

Hit up Hakint0sh for instructions on how to unlock your Egyptian iPhone 3G’s GPS hardware.

[Via: Hakint0sh]

  • Omar

    HA! I KNEW IT!

    Well, if a Nokia E90’s – brought from Kuwait – GPS works in here, therefore the iPhone’s GPS must work here too…and since all of them have built in GPS modules, then all we need is some patch to “get it back to life”.

    I hope that this would hit the Symbian S60 OS.

  • tefa_manutd

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  • tefa_manutd

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