LogMeIn Ignition allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to access their LogMeIn computers

Not surprisingly, LogMeIn is joining the “iPhone wave” with a native application to allow its users to access their computers from their iPhone and iPod Touch devices, wherever they happen to be.

Prior to using a dedicated app called LogMeIn Ignition, you’ll need to have a LogMeIn account as well as their software installed on your PC or Mac. Afterwards, simple download the mobile app from the AppStore and take it from there.

It’s not free, though, but if you need to access your documents, photos, music and/or other files; or use some program that’s on your desktop computer – you shouldn’t mind paying $29.99 for the app. It’s hard to deny the convenience it offers…

[Via: Boy Genius Report]

  • varul

    Would have been better for people who intended to buy, if you mentioned the features of this application.


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