BlackBerry OS 5.0 Features Leaked

The last batch of BlackBerry Enterprise 5.0 features that got leaked had a lot to do with the technical back-end, but we just got wind of a bunch more that end-users will be happy to hear about. Above all, these outline some of the big changes we’ll see on handheld software version 5.0. Right now we sit at 4.7 on the BlackBerry Storm, so it might not take long at all to segue into the new OS – maybe one or two updates. No word on a release date, but the Wireless Enterprise Symposium next April sounds like a good bet.

  • Flag messages and set reminder times on your BlackBerry.
  • View personal contact subfolders and edit contacts! Until now BES used to put all of your contacts into the Contacts application even if they were in different folders.
  • You will be able to view and use contacts that are in public folders and copy them to your local contact list if you have permissions.
  • You will have a file browser to access shared network locations to open, add, or save documents. You will be able to see document information from there such as file type, size, and date.
  • Forward meeting invitations and calendar entries from your BlackBerry.
  • Ability to add, delete, move, or rename personal folders.
  • Ability to view personal distribution lists that you have in your Outlook contacts and send email to them.
  • RIM is working on a solution to make emails that come from your BlackBerry look exactly like they would if they came from Outlook.

A pretty solid list of improvements all around, and no doubt welcomed by the enterprise crowd. Just keep in mind that both the the server-side BES software and handheld software will both need to be installed in order to enjoy these new features.

  • Edwin Ortiz

    Is there a way that ican download a program to open adobe doc.and be able to download flash player for my black berry curv 8330? I have somutch stuff that I need to see but I can’t help pleasssssssssssssssse.

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