Clear iPhone 3G Case Offers a Peek at the Device’s Inner Workings

File this latest iPhone 3G case in the category for ‘awesomeness’. I wish there was a category here for that… maybe I should create one!? Nah…

A new case mode for the iPhone 3G has appeared from Russian manufacturer iCustom. The case shows off all of the geek-a-licious internal guts of the iPhone 3G… all in-part to a clear back cover. If you want something completely different, this case mod should be right up your alley. I still enjoy the look of my white iPhone 3G, but there’s something about being able to see the ‘guts’ of the phone that is very intriguing… Perhaps this reminds me of the ‘Bodies’ exhibition currently going on at the Luxor in Vegas… That’s probably what it is.

For more information hit up iCustom (their site didn’t exactly load up properly for me… so… um… good luck!).

[iPhoneFreak via Gizmodo]

  • Simon Sage

    Reminds me of something Fake Steve Jobs wrote.

    It is Tuesday afternoon. I am barefoot, sitting on a cushion in the lotus position, gazing at a circuit board. This board, no bigger than a playing card, has taken years to create. It is the heart of the iPhone, the most important object my engineers have ever assembled. And it is wrong. I do not know why, exactly. But it is wrong. By this I do not mean that the board does not function correctly. It functions perfectly. But it lacks beauty. My engineers argue that a circuit board need not be beautiful, since no one will ever see it.

    “Yes,” I say, “but I will know it is there. And I will know it is not beautiful.”

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