Phenom Watch Phone launched; Could be yours for $195!

I’m not sure what’s the point of all the watch phones we’re seeing on the market today. Battery technology is just not there to support the continuous use for some decent period of time. Still, I guess some people prefer to wear their mobile phones rather than to carry them in their pockets.

Anyway, today we’re presenting you with a new watch phone called Phenom (no it doesn’t have anything to do with AMD’s CPU). It looks huge but promises to deliver a comprehensive user experience to those with hands large enough to carry/wear it around.

As you can see from the image above, the Phenom Watch Phone packs both numeric keypad and 1.3-inch touchscreen. In addition, it also sports a media player (yes, it can play both music and video clips), camera (we guess it’s VGA, since there are no details about it in the press release), Bluetooth and a microSD memory card slot.

Sounds a lot for a watch phone. The price is $295, although they say the price is $100 down for the holidays. I keep liking the recently unveiled LG GD910 more. 😉

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Tedacos

    The truth is that the Watch Phone or Mobile Wrist Cell already a reality TEDACOS in Spain since 2007, has the most complete range of models to the specific needs of the final user. All have the latest technology bluetooth, touch screen, mp3 music, mp4, microSD memory, vibration, digital camera and video film, radio, ebook text reader, gprs internet conection, voice dialing and many more features.

  • jonny

    please e-mail me the aswer 2 my question well… i would like to ask were to purchace thes item
    and for what is the lowest price i can buy it for??? thankyou please e-mail me

    • Saman

      Were you able to find out where we can get it from?
      Please let me know.

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