LG moves 5 million LG Viewty cameraphones around the world!

When we first laid eyes on the LG Viewty’s spec-sheet, we knew LG had a sure winner on their hands. The LG Viewty mates a 3-inch touchscreen display with a high quality Schneider Kreuznach 5-megapixel camera that doesn’t compromise functionality just because its part of a cellphone. With auto-focus, image stabilization, xenon flash, the ability to record video at 120fps, and world renowned optics, the LG Viewty can hang with the best point-and-shoot cameras on the market.

And, with an array of available color options, it’s no wonder LG has sold over 5 million units worldwide. LG has announced today that their 5 megaixel cameraphone has found homes in 350,000 South Korean pockets and 4,650,000 pockets across Europe and Asia. The LG Viewty’s success sets LG up for a repeat success with their Viewty successor – the 8 megapixel LG KC910 Renoir.

LG is making some serious headway into a cameraphone market that desperately needs to see hardware geared towards more serious camera features. Let’s hope LG brings the Renoir to CES 2009!


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