Craigsphone app brings Craigslist to an iPhone/iPod Touch near you

Here’s something for true Craigslist fans who at the same time own an iPhone or iPod Touch. The application called Craigsphone makes the popular online classifieds site easily accessible on the two mentioned Apple’s devices.

Sure, you can open Craigslist on mobile Safari, but a native app is way more convenient. For one thing, a “Nearby” feature can save you some time from typing your ZIP code on and on.

Craigsphone can also be used for for posting of classifieds, allowing users to even upload photos and share location, which is kinda neat…

Enough said. Here’s a link to the AppStore (iTunes) from where you can grab Craigsphone for free.

[Via: LifeHacker]

  • Jakira Wright

    I have 2 QUESTIONS

    1)My sister got her ipod and I jailbroked it and it worked and everything i put cydia up there and some other apps.Then we installed winterboard and it rebooted and when turn backed on everything was gone so we tried to jailbreak it again and it will not work. Can you fix it.

    2)I got me an ipod off ebay and everything working fine but when i tried to jailbreak it it went to the itunes thing on the ipod. I was wondering can you fix that.

    If you can fix it we are willing to pay

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