Live from CES Las Vegas 2009 – Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer keynote


Crazy Steve

Crazy Steve Ballmer

CES Las Vegas 2009 officially kicks off tonight with the pre-show keynote. This year, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, heads up the first keynote. 


We just sat down, Steve is still talking about the company’s broader future direction. Keep checking back for highlights from the pre-show keynote.

Steve talks about TV, computer, and mobile phones defining our connected lives 

Steve: “Mobile phones are becoming more capable than ever.” “Smartphones will make up most of the mobile phone market”

Voice interaction with mobile phones is the natural progression of the mobile space. Look for more intuitive interfaces across your PC, phone, and other devices (netbooks)

“By bringing together PC, phone, TV, plus the ‘cloud,’ we can create an experience that makes a difference in people’s lives.”

At the center of all this is… you guessed it, “Windows!”

Steve is really embracing cloud computing

“Windows has become the language that over a billion people speak”

Video playing – showcases all the cool Windows hardware on market

Steve envisions a “life without walls.”

Windows 7 will apparently be the “best windows ever.” – will make everyday tasks simple and easier

Steve just launched Windows 7 beta!

11 different Windows Mobile phones have sold over 30 million

Microsoft Live Search will be installed on-deck with Verizon 

Windows 7 demonstration – evolutionary, not revolutionary

Samsung Omnia demonstration – posting photo to Windows Live

New mobile application allows you to manage your XBOX Live Netflix queue. Will be available later this year.

Key trends are driving technological innovation – Moore’s Law requires innovation in more efficient programming; HD displays will become smaller, lighter and more portable; phones, PCs, and the internet will become a single platform for mobile experiences.

Ballmer excited to be a part of the tech industry. Ends keynote to significant applause

So that’s it! Microsoft is really pushing their cloud computing initiative and will apparently be looking to take the TV, PC, and Mobile spaces to the next level. More intuitive interfaces, more powerful hardware, and seamless communication is going to define Microsoft in 2009. Let CES 2009 begin!

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