Lenovo’s Android-Powered ‘OPhone’ Coming to China Mobile in Q1

The latest on the sharp looking Lenovo ‘OPhone’ is that it will be launching on China Mobile within the first quarter of 2009. This, according to a new report at Reuters.

The new device from Lenovo will run Google’s Android OS, which has only been available on the T-Mobile G1 to this point.  An ‘OPhone‘ launch on China Mobile would no doubt be a huge boost  for Google and the Android OS, as China Mobile has somewhere around 400 million subscribers. Ridiculous!

An anonymous source has reported to Reuters that the ‘OPhone is ‘in the final testing stage at the moment…’ Should be very interesting to see how the new Android-powered device goes over in China. I recall reading over at Phandroid the other day that illegal versions of the T-Mobile G1 were/are selling for around $500 a pop… with folks still putting up an extra $75 to have them unlocked. If this is any sign, the Lenovo ‘OPhone’ should do very well. We’ll see.

[Via: Reuters]

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