HTC’s 2009 lineup leaked – Familiar form-factors but bumped-up specs

There’s nothing we like seeing more than a high profile cellphone manufacturer’s upcoming product lineup leaked for all the blogosphere to enjoy. HTC’s entire 2009 product portfolio has been leaked, showing off the Taiwanese handset maker’s 25 handset strong lineup.

From the looks of the leaked images, HTC seems to be taking their best successes of 2008 and bumping up their spec-sheets. We’re seeing familiar form-factors in the HTC Topaz (the HTC Touch Diamond’s successor), Willow W (the follow-up to the HTC Excalibur), Whitestone W (an HTC Touch HD with kickstand), and Rhodium (an HTC Touch HD with QWERTY keyboard?), all, presumably, with uprated spec-sheets and expanded feature-sets.

It’s unclear what HTC has planned for 2009 in terms of specific features, but we’re expecting the Windows Mobile smartphone makers to push out higher-megapixel cameras (at least 3 megapixels), give all smartphones 3G data connections, add in a few WiMAX radios, and push touchscreen display resolutions past the HVGA barrier. Of course, we’ll have to wait on official word from HTC before we can draw any definitive conclusions about HTC’s 2009 portfolio. Still, it sure is fun speculating!

Check out the rest of the 25 HTC smartphones here.

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • Zak

    Wow, this is really interesting, lets just hope they all don’t run on WM 6.1

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